8 Dedication Songs to Mom – Orlando Wedding

8 Dedication Songs to Mom at the Wedding There are so many special moments during your wedding. One moment that gets overlooked so many times is the moment to honor your mom at the wedding. Like your dad, she plays a very important role in your life, but she doesn't...

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11 Theme Songs for the Bouquet Toss

11 Theme Songs for the bouquet toss If you are anything like DJ Gaby (meet our orlando dj team), you feel like the bouquet toss is a competitive sport. Move over ladies, if there is a competition to be won, it will be [insert your BFF's name here]. This is her moment...

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Father Figure Dance Songs – Orlando Wedding DJ

Father Figure Dance Songs We are all very familiar with the traditional father daughter dance at a wedding. Often enough there can be another gentlemen in your life that has inspired you like a father and played an important role in your life. Whether it be...

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