Every year, the Our DJ Rocks team gets together for brand photo shoot to create amazing images for our marketing channels, marketing material, and social media for the year ahead. We put a lot of thought (and heart!) into this shoot as well as the content we’re trying to capture.

We want to represent ourselves as authentically as possible, so our photo shoot needs to capture the essence of our personalities and our brand. 

We give each of our DJs a handpicked shirt with the core value she represents best to wear during event setup. Not only to be worn at the shoot but also to wear during set up at events. Each of our DJs is unique in their own way and this is a great way to celebrate that!

Music is one of the most important parts of what we do, but we believe the heart behind it is just as important.

A huge “thank you!” to DJ Jasmin, also with Artists of Morality, who edited the behind the scenes video for us. Her movement is unparalleled and Our DJ Rocks wholeheartedly supports it in every aspect.

Here’s a sneak peek behind the scenes at one of our favorite annual traditions!


Each of the team members at Our DJ Rocks represents one of our core values.