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Meet Katie

Katie was BORN to perform. It began when she was just 3 years old and traveling the US with her family singing on stage…yes, just like the Brady Bunch! Her background includes performing at Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, Holy Land Experience, and Feld Entertainment’s “Disney LIVE!” on tour! Katie is super real and can connect to anyone with her energy alone. She loves when the whole room is up and dancing at a party, and she might even get out there too! You can also spot her at the theatre, a festival, the theme parks, or at aerial yoga.

What makes her shine on our team: She is AUTHENTIC!

  • She is currently planning her own wedding! Congrats Katie + Will!
  • She believes music connects the world in a way that words alone cannot. She has a soundtrack for every emotion…don’t you?
  • She cries a little when she sees sloths anywhere – it’s her dream to hold one.
  • She loves LOVE! The “first dance” at a wedding always gets her right in the feels!
  • She once climbed a live volcano in Guatemala…true story.
  • A good challenge can light a fire under her and keep her propelling forward. If someone says she can’t, it pushes her to DO IT!

Learn more about why Katie Rocks on our blog interview with her!


Katie’s Playlist
Imagine Dragons

Smoke + Mirrors

Lady Gaga

The Fame

Bruno Mars

Unorthodox Jukebox

Alessia Cara

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