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Meet Sam

Sam began spinning records at the age of eight. At 14, she became a roadie for several New Jersey DJ companies where she was like a sponge, soaking up everything going on in order to learn and improve her skills. At the same time, she branched out and DJ-ed at clubs on teen night. After graduating college with a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, Sam realized music ran through her veins, leaving her with no choice but to follow her passion.

With her endless energy combined with a dynamic personality, Sam DJs, MCs and is an event host at all types of events – weddings, mitzvahs, proms, corporate events, and volunteering her DJ skills on National Night Out for a local New Jersey police department. Her love for travel affords her the ability of spinning on both coasts as well as Florida. What makes her shine on our team: She is STRONG!

  • She lives with her fiance and two cute pups in New Jersey.
  • When it’s a gorgeous day out, you can catch her playing basketball, football, baseball, or frisbee with friends.
  • She can spin every type of music you could possibly want to hear! She’ll hit grandma with Glenn Miller’s “In the Mood,” some Queen and AC/DC for the aunts + uncles, and then jump into 90’s house “Show Me Love” or any pop songs from every era.


Sam’s Playlist
The Notorious B.I.G.

Ready To Die


The Talk That Talk


The Eminem Show

Earth, Wind, & Fire

Greatest Hits