Top Orlando Wedding Vendor Tips and Tricks

When planning your wedding, you’ll need to do some research on pulling together the team of vendors to bring your vision to life. Here are some Orlando Wedding Vendor Tips and Tricks to consider when hiring your Orlando Wedding Vendors! 

Wedding Venue

This is one of the most important things to conquer when planning a wedding. Once you have the venue than everything else falls into place! Yay!!! Wedding venue is booked, let’s celebrate!!

  • Tip 1 – Most brides book their venue 1-2 years out. There are some venues that have a waiting list, so if you found the perfect one make sure you contact them to find out when you are able to book and how that works.
  • Tip 2 – Most vendors can’t book or give you pricing until you have a date + Venue.
  • Tip 3 – Venues can be extremely helpful in looking for other wedding vendors.
  • Tip- Some venues can accommodate ceremony, cocktail and reception, this can be good so your guests don’t have to drive to different locations.  They can also provide overnight accommodations for out of town guests.

Book 9-12+ Months before wedding date

Wedding Catering

It has been said that your wedding catering will typically take up most of your wedding budget, so it’s important to consider this right after or at the same time as a venue. Thoughts; some venues have in house catering which can drive costs down. Additionally, some venues have a preferred catering list of that you can choose from, this can be helpful.

Book 9-12+ Months before wedding date

Wedding Planners

AKA Life Savers! They can be very useful for not only helping you create and manage your budget, but they also know which vendors to pair you with that match your style and fit your budget. Don’t think of a wedding planner as something that will take a chunk of your budget, but rather someone to help you maximize the value of what you are receiving for what you pay. They can be a huge resource for your leading up to, planning the day of and even designing your vision.  

  • Tip-Make a connection!! Check their reviews if you aren’t sure which wedding planner to choose.
  • Tip-Some vendors provide a discount if you are using a wedding planner.  

Book 9-12+ Months before wedding date


Wedding Dress

Make your wedding dress shopping is SO much FUN!!! Make a day of it, go to Starbucks with the ladies and have a light breakfast.

  • Tip-Make an appointment. Wedding dress shopping should be FUN, not stressful. Specialty wedding dress shops only take a select number of clients a day.
  • Tip-Nerves start kicking in high gear, take a breath and enjoy the moment.
  • Tip-Do your hair and makeup that day so you will feel more confident when you try on dresses.

Purchase 8+ Months Before

Photographer/ Videographer

Make sure to DO your research. Finding a reputable photographer that you trust to make it on time and capture this once in a lifetime event is SO important.

  • Tip-During your meeting, show them your vision. It’s ok if there are certain poses that you don’t feel comfortable with. Be honest and upfront of what you do and don’t like.
  • Tip-Make sure to look over the details of the packages.
  • Tip-Consider adding a videographer if it’s not an option with your photographer.
  • Tip- Look at their work online: blogs, facebook albums, vimeo, etc. This will give you a good idea of what you can expect if you hire them. Some photographers may even provide you with a full wedding album to see not just the portfolio work.

Book 8+ Months Before


This is the time to really be picky!  Let’s set the atmosphere and energy in the room with lighting and then celebrate! Making sure the dance floor is packed and your guests are truly enjoying themselves is not an easy task. Being a wedding DJ isn’t just about blending and mixing the music – it’s the ability to read a crowd and the experience to know what songs work and what songs don’t. It’s also the timing of the songs. So understanding the temperature at any given moment and knowing what’s going to keep the dance floor energy going and what may kill the vibe. 

  • Tip – Find a DJ that does more than just DJ. There are DJ’s who go above and beyond for not only you and your fiancé but for your guests.  They also should be your MC for the evening as well.
  • Tip – Consider having your guests request their favorite songs in addition to the special dances.
  • Tip – Consider adding on a Photo booth and use the Photo strips as a wedding favor. This is sometimes an option to add on with a DJ package depending on the company.

Book 8+ Months Before

Rentals – Chairs, Tables, etc.

This is sometimes décor related to consider if in    fact your caterer or venue doesn’t offer a selection that goes with your vision.

  • Tip- Consider specialty chairs or tables as part of your décor.
  • Tip- Rentals can also include vintage furniture, china, drape, uplighting, etc. This is all part of your vision.

Book 6+ Months Before


This part of wedding planning can definitely showcase your wedding theme. Colors, textures and smells. Tie in your favorite color with his favorite color.

  • Tip – Esty is a good resource to use when looking for those really unique wedding pieces like wooden bow ties for the guys and broach wedding bouquets for the MRS!!

Book 6-7 Months Before


This can be a focal point in the room  or an entire table or desserts and sweets!

  • Tip- Make sure to have an idea of how many guests you’re anticipating having at your wedding. This will provide the baker an idea of how many tiers will cover all your guests. Yum..sweet and tasty!!

Book 4-5 Months Before

Hair + Make Up

  • Tip-Make sure to set a makeup and hair trial appointment! Trust us, it’s worth it! Come prepared, bring a photo of your wedding dress + inspirational photos or magazines clips to give them a vision of your dream wedding.  Maybe plan this on a day that you are going to have a date night with the future hubby so you make it extra worth it!

Book 4-5 Months Before

Important Things to Remember

  • Remember – Most vendors can’t book or give you pricing until you have a date + Venue
  • Reviews are everything! Do you research online and see what other couples are saying about that vendor.
  • Ask other vendors who they recommend and what they think of the vendor you are looking at
  • Personality is key – do you mesh well with this person? They are going to be with you throughout this process and sometimes even spending all day with you.

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