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Virtual events

With a world so focused on continued safety, Virtual Events are becoming the preferred way to meet and gather for corporate and private functions alike. At Our DJ Rocks, we pride ourselves on our ability to stay relevant and continually evolve our offerings to our clients.

Whether you need a DJ to livestream virtually or want to add a livestream element to your event, we are ready to align with your vision. 

What sets us apart?

Reliable Internet Connection

We always have a back up plan and multiple options when it comes to virtual events and live streaming. We’re hard-wired into the internet to ensure the strongest connection for seamless streaming. There’s nothing worse than having someone say, “can you hear me now?” over and over again. Rest assured that we’ll be on the best connection available to make sure that your party doesn’t cut out. 

For peace of mind, we can do a site visit at locations we aren’t familiar with to test out the gear ahead of time. 

For broadcasting, we have a few platforms we can use including options for your guests to interact during your event. We also have the capability to save the actual file in case something happens to interrupt the live broadcast.

Planning + Execution Assistance

Our experienced team will be there every step of the way to guide you. We are the professionals, after all! We’ll not only pick your brain for songs and make sure we match the vibe you want, but also help with suggestions and ideas to ensure your guests have a memorable time. For any virtual event or virtual component to a live event, always confirm that your entertainment or DJ can double as your Live Stream AV team or is easily able to partner with the ones you hire. Open communication and alignment of gear is key. If you also have a videographer, that’s 3 professionals who will need to be on the same page for setup and expectations, as well as collaborate with equipment.

If you are planning a wedding and want to add a virtual element for those guests who cannot attend in person, tapping into the DJ’s system is ideal if more than you and the officiant are speaking. If you have readers or singers during your ceremony, it’s ideal to have a DJ system added so your guests at home can hear everything and have the best experience possible.

Ease of Execution

You tell us the when, and we’ll be there! Our DJ Rocks will handle everything for you, so you can be as involved or relaxed as YOU want. Once we get the basic details, we set everything up behind the scenes and leave you with nothing to worry about except brushing up on your TikTok dance moves!  

Whether you have a pod set up with all the AV and equipment for our team to come in with our music to rock, or you want us to handle music, AV, and set up virtually, we can work with you to create a package that fits.

We also have virtual clients who want us to join their zoom meetings to play in between sessions to keep their audience engaged. Music is integral now more than ever. 

Lighting + Party Mode

Want to really make your virtual event stand out? We can create a custom setup to enhance the DJ booth with uplighting in your choice of colors. Your guests will be wowed when you bring your music alive with Party Mode, making the lights pulse to the beat of the song! We want to bring your party to life, and lighting may just be the key to keeping your guests rockin’.

Multiple camera angle options

If you’ve seen a virtual event before, you know how stagnant and boring they can be if there’s no movement to keep your attention. Ask us about multiple camera options and how we can add a little something more to your virtual party! With different angles to look at, your guests will be entertained and engaged the whole time.

Experienced Virtual MC

We not only provide music mixing talent with a DJ, we also provide an experienced MC for your event to engage with the audience, make announcements, and keep the crowd hyped. Whether you need music before your event begins, some rocking tunes for a virtual happy hour, or some background music for your virtual baby shower, we gotchu! Let our talented team step up and take control.

Choice of Setups

Your virtual entertainment should be as unique as your event, and we’ve got you covered! From timeless black tabletop facades to floor-length, backlit, custom-branded DJ setups, we know how to stand out and make your services memorable. We also offer a selection of background choices to best align with your theming and colors. If you have an idea in mind, we can help bring it to life!


Safety will continue to be the focus for so many people looking to gather or celebrate. And while our lifestyles have had to alter, let your entertainment evolve with it! We know that we can still create an amazing experience for you and your guests, and leave them with the best memories from your event.

We believe in creating moments. We also believe in sharing those moments. There is an option to have your friends and family be a part of your day without being there at the ceremony or reception! Love is not cancelled, and celebrations will always be here! Professional live-streaming with DSLR cameras and audio connections on a private page allows everyone to be a part of the celebration.

For our corporate event planners, it’s even more important to keep your audience engaged if they are logging in virtually. Let us help you keep your colleagues, friends, and loved ones safe with a virtual event curated by Our DJ Rocks. We can’t wait to rock with you!