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team photo of our dj rocks by MARIA RIBOLI PHOTOGRAPHY

Meet the team

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Meet your Team

Meet the Orlando DJ Team of Our DJ Rocks, Orlando’s premier FEMALE-OWNED AND OPERATED DJ team!

Note from Founder + CEO // DJ Kristin: We believe talent shouldn’t be defined by a label. We strive to provide a personalized experience infused with passion and good vibes.  It’s tough to put into words what each and every one of our DJs are like because we are are unique and diverse in our own ways,  but here goes: Our DJs are uber-organized, easy to work with, and professional yet fun (like a briefcase on a rope swing). We’re extremely positive, want to put good into the world, make a different small and large AND add to the energy and excitement for your celebration. Every DJ dresses nicely, our gear is neat and cleanly covered, we are insured, we are W2 employeees and also have certified contractors and we have a warehouse of backup! #WeGotchu

Our Mission is to LOVE what we do, LEAD by example and EXCEED client expectations through passion and rapport. #LoveLeadExcel @LoveLeadExcel We are constantly inspired by music, our team, our clients and our community. 

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Meet The ONYX Division DJs

Meet just some of our ONYX Division managed DJs and MCs who are sought after locally and nationwide and have an unparalleled level of experience from small to large scale corporate, social, nightlife, tradeshow, and theme park experience. Want to know more? Visit

Meet the Ladies who Make “ish” Happen

Meet the ladies who work behind-the-scenes to support your event!

team photos by MARIA RIBOLI PHOTOGRAPHY - grayce
team photos of our dj rocks by MARIA RIBOLI PHOTOGRAPHY
our dj rocks team photos by MARIA RIBOLI PHOTOGRAPHY
Our mission

To LOVE what we do, LEAD by example and EXCEED our client expectations through passion, talent and rapport in dj services and photo booth rentals in the event industry.


We Value Integrity + Gratitude

We show good character is when no one else is around.

We make wise decisions in our personal life and in business.

We exhibit honesty and we are our word.

We are thankful and we consistently show gratitude.

We Value Positive Attitudes + Charisma

We fuel others with motivation.

We are genuinely a pleasure to be around.

We infuse positive energy wherever we go.

We take care of ourselves, because if you don’t take care of yourself, you cannot take care of others.

We Value Unshakeable Commitment

We believe in building unbreakable bonds with friends, family and coworkers.

Alone we can do so little but together we can do so much.

Collaboration creates an environment for all to flourish.

We rise up as a team when things get tough.

We Value Growth

We know that the path to success is massive determined action. #Drive #Persistence.

We always look for ways to make it easier to do business with us.

We set our standards high, dream big and blow away goals.

Status quo is not how we roll. #NoMediocre

We Value Moments

We don’t wait for them, we create them.

We live in the moment and sometimes for unplanned moments.

We have a love for life.

We look for ways to surprise and delight our clients.


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