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LIKE OUR VIBE? or Seen #EnergyByOnyx in Action? Awesome. The first step is to figure out what services we can help with, the vibe of your event, and the event details, then we can build a package that fits your needs.

Pricing + Packaging

Every event is unique and no two couples are the same.  That is why we customize all of our packages. We don’t want to leave out something you love, or include something you don’t need!

Just to give you an idea, our average wedding couple will spend between $1875-4575 on their package depending on season and package selection. Some spend more, some spend less. 

For weddings and events outside of peak season (May-September), we offer customized packages (YAY for savings!) tailored to your specific needs and budget, along with special incentives to help you get the most value for your entertainment investment.

And if it’s a day we are not busy we always try to creatively package to compliment your budget! The best thing to do is to schedule a time to chat with us so we can work together to make it happen!

Let’s get this party started. ↓

Fill out our form below and then we’ll reach out to you asap to set up a phone call or meeting at our office.


→ Is texting more your style? Shoot us a txt at 407-509-9786 and when we’re in between events we can let you know if we’re available and to set up a call!

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→Ready to set up a meeting? Click Here for our availability!

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Consultation Times are typically Tuesday-Thursday 10am-6pm. Ready to Meet? Here is our availability →

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