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meet the ladies of our dj rocks virtually

Meet the Ladies of Our DJ Rocks (Virtually)

In an effort to better connect with our couples and clients – we got most of our DJs together to answer questions LIVE on Facebook! We talk about who we are, what we do, and what we love about DJing weddings!!!

This was so much fun that now we go live on Facebook every Thursday at 7:30pm for new episodes of Backstage Pass! Sign Up to get episodes delivered straight to your inbox!

Below is the full transcript! Do you have more questions for us? Contact us now!

Kristin + The Team

“Meet the DJs of Our DJ rocks!”

Jessie: Hello Facebook world! welcome to our first ever live Q & A for Our DJ Rocks, I’ve got a bunch of DJs here in the chat. We are going to start things off with our CEO and owner DJ Kristin, give us a warm welcome Kristin!
Kristin: What’s up Facebook Family! Thank you for joining us we’re so excited. Hopefully you are able to log in and have a little fun with us tonight, ask us some questions, let’s do this!
Jessie: I’m going to introduce everybody! My first question is, if you could be stuck in quarantine with any musician, artist or DJ who would it be? Kristin- You are first!
Kristin: Noo!!! I Can’t answer this question! Oh my God so many! But I’m going to say… Lil John. Put me in quarantine with Lil John! I just picked that out of thin air.
Jessie: So, I’m Jessie, I’m the Sales and Marketing Assistant for our DJ Rocks! If I had to be stuck in quarantine with anyone, I’m picking Brendon Urie. I think he would be a good time. I think he would make me laugh; he could sing me songs! Let’s see who’s up next!
DJ Jennie: Hey guys! I’m DJ Jennie and If I was stuck in quarantine with any artist, it would be Justin Timberlake or Kari Jobe.
Jessie: Ok, you only get to pick one! Ha!
DJ Jennie: I pick 2!
Jessie: Okay thanks for your answer! Next up is DJ Sam!
DJ Sam: What’s up everybody! DJ Sam! Oh man if I was in quarantine, this is hard to choose. It would be between DJ Snake and Demi Lovato, because that’s wifey ya know? Just stuck right there between the two!
Jessie: I love it. Next up DJ Shenelle!
DJ Shenelle: Oh my God I have like three people in my head, but I know I can only pick one so …it would probably be DJ D-nice! He’s been throwing down on IG lately like 7 hours of DJing straight old school jams…talk about disco parties in your living room!
Jessie: Yes, we need more Disco parties in our living room right now. Thank you I am going to switch it over to faith! What up girl!
DJ Faith: Hi! My name is DJ Faith! I’m listening to everyone answer and I’m like “dang I can’t pick one person.” Just like everyone else. BUT the person that came to my head was Harry Styles. For obvious reasons…his album is fire so…
Jessie: I second that. His new single that just came out… I’m feeling it. Let’s see…Stasia!
DJ Stasia: Hello! Hi Everybody, I’m DJ Stasia…I also have a thousand different artists circulating through my head. I’m going to go with Elton John. It’s quarantine time so I’ve been trying to get more into my music stuff more, playing more piano, playing guitar, so I feel like he could inspire me to do stuff.
Jessie: That’s a very productive answer, you want to learn more. I am into it, ok cool. Let’s get DJ Katie up in here! Katie! What up girl!
DJ Katie: Hey Everybody! So, I would definitely have to say p!nk! First of all, she’s my girl and second of all she probably has aerial silks in her house and that’s my jam so…
Jessie: That’s true you would be entertained for sure! I love it. I am going to go in asking my questions for the DJs and then we will go into all the questions from the audience.
My first question is for DJ Stasia, let me hear your wedding day routine, what do you do leading up to the wedding, like arriving at the venue. Getting yourself in the headspace of “I’m going to rock this wedding.” Tell me.
DJ Stasia: I feel like other people do stuff before their wedding, but I try not to do that. I like to really get into the mood of the day. It’s about the big day, it’s only about the wedding and about this couple. It’s their dream day. I try not to be on my emails too much in the morning or anything like that. I kind of like to listen to music that is the vibe of the day or some of the couples must dance to’s as well. So, I have them all in my head already circulating to get into the funk of it. Then I stop by Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks or gas station for a Monster or Red Bull or some type of caffeine boost. I Just review all the documents and timeline for the couple before I head out to the venue. Make sure everything is fresh in my mind. I got my caffeine; I’m energized and then head out to the venue.
Jessie: I love that you listen to the must plays of the couple to get yourself into what the vibe is that they are going to be enjoying. You are in that headspace. I think that is really special. Thank you Stasia!
Ok, this next question is for Shenelle. Shenelle, tell me about your favorite wedding tradition.
DJ Shenelle:

Ready To Rock Your Event?

Ok. I’m a daddy’s girl so my favorite tradition is the father/daughter dance. It gets me every time because I’m always pushing the tears back, I just love that moment like one day when I get married I can’t wait. We’ll see if it’s a sob fest then. The songs that get me are like the song by Tim McGraw “Daddy’s little girl” or “Have I told you lately” by Rod Stewart and “Butterfly kisses” by Bob Carlisle . Those are the songs I cannot hold the tears back.
Jessie: Oh, I love that. Same, my whole family was crying with the father daughter dance. My next Question is for DJ Kristin, this is the question we get asked all the time!
Why should a couple include uplights in their package with DJ?
Kristin: Oh My Gosh, VIBES you guys VIBES! It is all about the vibe! I feel like no matter what venue you choose and what theme the wedding is, it’s all about creating an atmosphere so that when people walk in, they feel like they are a part of it. We pick specific songs for them to walk into the room, our couples don’t know we do this but, we do! In the back of my mind I’m like: ok, what kind of couple are they and I choose songs so that when people are walking in it feels like the couple. When you and Alex got married, I knew you guys already, so I picked songs so that when people walked into the room, they knew it was you. You had purple uplights, they already were feeling like they were a part of it. I think my favorite part, no matter if it’s purple uplighting, white uplighting or champagne up lighting…you can set a mood walking and then oh, now it’s dance time, because we can do party mode! It’s my favorite. I love it, once dinner is over your parent dances are done, boom party mode and totally changes the vibe. The BPM is going up, people feeling the music, you see it around you… it is stimulating… it immerses you.
Jessie: Yeah, I agree. You start off with those romantic vibes for the first dance and all that, the colors match your wedding and then you get ready to throw down! I have an example of party mode uplighting to show everybody.
Brief commercial break to show you party mode in action!
DJ Kristin: This was the Orlando museum of art, she had amber uplighting and then she went to party mode. Actually, I remember Justin Timberlake was playing that’s Jennie and Gaby’s favorite. Those are our dance floor lights in the background so it really just kinda takes over the room nothing too crazy no strobe lights it’s still elegant to me I love it.
Jessie: It takes the party to the next level. Then the value afterwards of your photos and videos all the photos have colors that match your wedding. I know for my photos it was all that blue and purple scheme, I loved it.
Kristin: Yeah throw that confetti! Get the glow sticks, let’s go!
Jessie: My next question is for Faith! We come with an online planning system where couples can go in and fill out the logistical stuff like what songs they want played, how they want to be introduced into the room and there’s a few questions that we ask them that are fun so get their vibe. When it comes to their final meeting, what is that defining question that you ask so you can prepare to create a moment or make sure you get that vibe they maybe don’t even know that they want?
Faith: For me, I like to ask them what is your vision for the night? Sometimes they are like I just want high-energy pumped-up music the whole time, not sitting down, we aren’t slow dancing we are high energy. Then there are some that want a few slow dances, or they want to have a few dedications. I like to ask: what is your vision for how the night is going to go? Then from that I can run with it, based off their song choices and the vibes they like. Another question I ask is if they have any DJ pet peeves. Because they don’t realize this but they’ll hear a DJ and if the DJ doesn’t play the whole song they’re like “oh god they cut it too early” or some don’t want to hear a whole song…the song goes too long. So, I find out what taste they have, what their music attention span, that way I know how to mix to make sure it’s a good time.
Jessie: Yeah, every couple is different. I love the “Pet peeve” question because there’s things that one couple is going to love that you do and another couple’s going to hate it. So, it is cool to gage that to make sure they get exactly what they envision. I’m going to switch it over to Jennie, same question!
DJ Jennie: I loved Faith’s answer. We want to find out your vibes, and all that. One question I love is, what kind of feel do you want on your dance floor? Are we going to party like it’s 1999? Shut up and dance? Are we going to drop it like it’s hot to the window to the wall?! Ya Know?! When people are like “I want all of those,” I’m like YES! I just want to know what you want your dance floor to feel like.
Jessie: That’s a good question, all those songs are super defining. You say drop it like it’s hot and everyone’s like: I totally know what you mean by that. Ok, taking it over to DJ Katie! Katie, how would you describe your Emcee style?
DJ Katie: I would describe myself as an authentic chameleon…..what I mean by that is, in the wedding industry you want to deal with an authentic person and that’s the type of person I am. My style is very chameleon, meaning that I am not a one-layer DJ. I pull from many parts of my personality whenever I’m DJing. If you want a more romantic atmosphere, you’re going to get that. If you want crazy and ridiculous you can get that from me too! It comes from that background in performing. Plus, I have learned that being genuine is the best way to go. Using those tools, it helps me navigate each different event. NO Two events are the same.
Jessie: I love the word genuine for describing an emcee style. All our girls are like that and it’s important to ask the couple, what kind of emcee you want? Do you want us on the mic a lot or a little? All of you get on the mic with purpose and you always do a good job of matching your couple and matching the energy of the event. But genuine is a cool word to use to describe that. Thank You!!
Ok, I got DJ Sam next!
DJ Sam: What up what up!
Jessie: Ok Sam, everybody has just eaten dinner, they are full, they had an amazing meal, how are you getting them up out on the dance floor?
DJ Sam: I do one of three things. I usually start every dance set with a slow song for all the couples especially if it’s a wedding you know. It is routine, it is standard, just nice. But if not, personally I like to play two games, I play a centerpiece game or “Through the Years”. That is a game where couples come up, find out who has been married the longest, find out the secret to their success and then they take a picture with the bride and groom. That is more for if you don’t want that slow dance. Play a game and it gets everybody on the dance floor and start to play Michael Jackson or shut up and dance…something upbeat to set the tone right from the get-go.
Jessie: I imagine that is something you work out with your couple ahead of time to get a vibe from their crowd. Some couples do worry about guests getting up there. These are good ways to motivate people and give them a purpose for getting on the dance floor then trick em into staying!
DJ Sam: It’s honestly a cheat sheet ya know?
Jessie: I mean for mine with Kristin we threw out the Hora straight out of dinner! Everyone is going to get up for that so…
DJ Sam: You know I’m Jewish we like to party… we like to dance!
Jessie: The hora will get everybody up!
DJ Sam: You know what it is? It’s all about going in the chair, that’s all it’s about. Your five seconds of fame in the chair!
Jessie: Its true! Okay I have one last question for one of our DJs and then we are going to turn it over to the questions in the feeds so, my LAST question is for Stasia. We were talking about this earlier and I really like her answer for it so…Stasia, what is the question you get asked the most by our couples?
DJ Stasia: This question comes up a lot. We want to play hip hop music, we want to play EDM music, modern stuff, because we love that, but we have a bunch of guests at our wedding we don’t want to scare off like grandparents and family. Can you play clean versions for us? I am like YEAH! For almost every song on my computer I have a clean version for it. But I also tell them if they want dirty versions that’s something I can do, I’m fine with. So whatever road you want to take, I am with you.
Jessie: Yeah clean versions are our standard and then we want to make happen whatever the couple wants. I always get asked this in a consult and they are like: can we keep it really tame in the beginning and the last hour let’s throw down? I’m like… YES you can do that!
DJ Stasia: Yeah 100%!
Jessie: So now we are going to throw it to the viewers.
Shannon asked, “what is the one song you try to slip into a wedding’s playlist?”
DJ Stasia: This is a song I learned from a couple. This is my favorite part of the job besides DJing for a living! It’s a song they used for their first dance, I try to sneak it into dinner because it’s a song everybody knows but it’s a different version the song is “Take Me On” by Ah-Ha but an unplugged version they did for MTV I think. It’s a slow acoustic version of it.
Jessie: You put it in every wedding at dinner?
DJ Stasia: Not every wedding, but if I think the couple has similar tats like they tell me to play 80s then I try to sneak it in there
Jessie: I love bottled down versions of songs, like the song 500 miles I play that all the time. OK we got waving hands in here so Kristin,
Kristin: OK it’s depending on my couple but doesn’t really matter nowadays but I’m going to throw it down for you and Alex – Blink 182 all the small things. People go crazy when the drums start going and like “all the small things!” It doesn’t matter if you are 80s, 90s, hip hop. I don’t know how to explain they go wild.
Jessie: We threw down to that song.
Kristin: Ya, I’m pretty sure you had glitter all over the dance floor with that song
Jessie: There’s a few songs that are vivid memories dancing to and that is definitely one of them. You played that and I was like (!!!!)Did anyone else have an answer to this question? Ok, Shenelle has an answer to this and then we will move on to the next question.
Shenelle: A song I try to sneak into weddings or some corporate events is “Celebration” by Cool and the Gang and The Gap Band “She Dropped a Bomb on Me,” because no matter when you throw it, people get on the dance floor! Then a whole slew of disco comes next! Old school time on the floor!
Jessie: Those “guaranteed to fill your dance floor” songs…everybody knows them!
Shenelle: You get those geeky (thumbs up) like yes, I know how you are feeling right now.
Jessie: Ok we have another good question from JW…
“Who are some of your DJ influencers local or global?”
I’m putting Kristin on the spot.
Kristin: Yass! First, that’s a cheat question because you already know my answer to this question… I have so many. I feel like if we as DJs are not inspired by other musical artists or DJs then what are we doing? We need to be re-inspired every day. JW you inspire me every day, so I’ll go ahead and plug you right there. Across the US, there’s so many…first of all let me say I am my own talent and I do things very different. But some of the people that inspire me to step out of my zone would be DJ Nick Spinelli. First of all! No, I use Virtual DJ and am not going to go to Serrato! Jason Jani, Brian Buonassissi and Joe Bunn. Everyone has their own way of doing things so it’s nice to step out and listen to what other DJs and music artists are doing, like oh ok, I haven’t done that song in awhile let me play that. Digital Dave. I LOVE Digital Dave, he will throw down a Whitney Houston in the middle of a Lil john set and I’m like “Oh I’m feeling it!” So just to name a few…
Jessie: I love it, Jennie has an answer too!
Jennie: She went and said a bunch that I was going to say! I love Digital Dave, I listen to him all the time on Mixcloud. Nate Nelson and Dom…I’m always listening to their stuff. Then of course Nick Spinelli, Jason Jani and Joe Bunn. The one I listen to the most is Nate Nelson…shout out to Nate if he’s watching. Of course, even JW, I love listening to JW emcee…like when he is on a mic, I’m like YES! Get it! I love him!
Jessie: Same…all the love for the whole DJ community! You all do a great job of learning from each other too, which is very cool. Ok, I love this one…
“Do you just switch songs or is there some kind of mashup?”
I think lots of people are like…what are you doing? What do you do??? How do you get from one song to the next? You tell me!
Jennie: Ok, I have to say I forgot Dawson high on the last one…I listened to his yesterday! Ok, do I just switch songs or is there some kind of mashup? I love mashups, I love to think of some on my own, I love downloading all the time, I love mashing stuff up. I don’t like to switch from one song to another without purpose, I love a bit of wordplay.
Jessie: So, you try not to just fade out one song into the other you try to have a little overlap. For us, dumb-down terms. Their next one was “To switch songs, does that make sense? I don’t know DJ Terms!” Which….me neither! I always tell the girls; you guys do the beat boops…that’s what I call it!!! When you do the beat boops, you’re mashing two songs together and layering them right?
Jennie: YUP!
Jessie: OK cool! I just thought that question was so funny because a lot of people don’t know…it’s so technical what you guys do. Ok, what’s another question?
What’s a great way to build a crowd if no one is dancing?
Shenelle has an answer, let’s hear it!
Shenelle: If you have non-dancers…lines dances. It can get people quickly on to the dance floor. It’s the quickest and easiest way to get people together. Then they are like “Oh I know how to do those steps!” and then you can go into other stuff that is familiar and can keep everyone on the dance floor. Once you get them there, stay in familiar genres so you can get them to continue to dance.
Jessie: A lot of the times when I talk to couples on consults, they know that. They will be like; “I know my group aren’t big dancers so let’s play those lines dances!” A lot of people who say they don’t want line dances they already know they’re family is going to be on the dance floor. The couple can tell when they are going to need those. We have DJ Faith waving at us here…what is your answer girl!?
Faith: Hi! I think there’s a few songs that no matter what crowd it is they’re going to be hits…we all have those secret songs we use. I have a crate called “My party favorites”. I go to that list of songs so much. I know every crowd’s going to enjoy them. Another thing I enjoy doing, I know taking requests for some DJs is a touchy thing, but I love requests because that’s your guest telling me the music they like. If I play something and not a lot of people are dancing. I listen to the requests and say: okay they are this type of crowd. Ok this is what they are feeling right now. So, I use that to bring everybody back up.
Jessie: I have so many follow up questions!
What is one of the songs in your crate that is a guaranteed dancing floor filler?
Faith: I wanted to use this for one of the earlier questions. I like “Hey Ya” by OutKast! Who doesn’t want to dance to that song?! Or “Yeah” by usher or a top Michael Jackson song? Just those are classics no matter how old you are, you know them.
Jessie: What happens if you get a request that is on the couple’s do not play list?
Faith: The Bride and d Groom already told me they do not want it. At the end of the day it’s the bride and groom’s night. The guest can go home and listen to the song afterwards. At the end of the day this only happens once for the couple, so I want to make sure I’m doing what they ask me to. I try to let them down easy but if it’s on the “Do Not Play” List, it can’t be played.
Jessie: I agree. Kristin can vouch for this but one of my wedding guests requested songs on my do not play list and she was like…bride says no! Yeah, you never want to say “no” to someone but as the bride and groom…I was like: tell them no. Ok what other questions do we have? “
Besides being an all-female DJ team, what do you think sets “Our DJ Rocks” apart?”
Kristin: You guys stop! I get asked this question all the time, Our DJ Rocks was never intended to have more than one person DJ, hello. Me! I never woke up one day and like, let me just be all female! I have no discrimination against anything, but the biggest piece to that is, this right here (my heart). I am going to give you an example without explaining it in words. I can be mixing at my DJ booth in the middle of dinner watching my bride and I can feel her vibes. I don’t know if that’s a female thing or what but I know every single person on our team feels the same, we feel the vibes, we can feel the energy on a different level, say it’s because you’re female or not. I know a lot of guys who may be able to do it, but it’s intuition. We know when we take it up and when we can take it dow. For example if cake cutting is coming, I don’t want to be in the middle of “Turn Down For What”…have people looking at me like; what are you doing with my song? So, its intuition and 100% passion! There is not one DJ on our team that doesn’t have either of those.
Jessie: I’m going to talk from a bride perspective, for those who don’t know Kristin DJ’d my wedding, well before I worked here, 3 years ago now. When I first met her, she was like; We’re an all-female DJ team and wear sparkly shoes!! I’m like, what! I think I love you! That’s pretty much how that went. I think that the whole process, now being in it, is something “Our Dj Rocks” does well. I felt like my whole day was customized to me. I walked up to her and she was like “what kind of music are you into” and I’m like..”Greenday and Blink 182 but that’s not wedding music..” and she was like “no girl that’s your wedding music!” I was like; well wedding music like top 40? I don’t know! They go out of their way to ask those types of questions so it’s personal…and tailored to the couple which I think is special. From the bride side. Ok…
Justina asks; “Is Mixcloud a place y’all put your sets? So, we can listen to them?”
Kristin: Actually, Justina thank you for asking!
Jessie: This is a plug! Kristin just dropped a mini mix, do tell!
Kristin: Yass…I was behind the scenes and commented. Yes, we do have a mixcloud, there aren’t 500 mixes just yet so Justina if you can tell all my girls to get those mixes to me asap so I can get those uploaded? Thank you! We have a mixcloud, we also have spotify where we are curating playlists so you can see where we get our inspiration. If you have not listened to it yet, please go check it out! Direct Music Service that is one of the companies we work with, I just dropped a mix on there. Don’t judge me it’s kinda ratchet…and I would not play those songs at a wedding…
Jessie: It’s not the clean versions of the songs
Kristin: It is not. It is definitely a good time. My goal is to get a minimum of 600 listens. I’m at 519 right now, I’d really like to hit 850 so…yeah!
Jessie: “What should I do if I like house and EDM music, but my entire family hates it? How do I listen to the music I want and keep the family dancing too?”
DJ Stasia: 2 things pop in mind right away…1st of all we usually have 2 ½ hours of dance floor time. We definitely have time to play your EDM and whatever it is your family hates and all their mainstream stuff that they like. Then the 2nd thing that pops into my mind is usually the mashups and the remixes really come in handy because then I can mix the songs that your family likes into EDM versions of those songs and then mix in the modern EDM songs you like as well. At those weddings I’m usually quick mixing which means we are only staying in a song for the first verse/ first chorus… and I’m out into the next one. To keep everyone entertained.
Jessie: Yeah, I think something that helps with this too is on the online planning system. I know for my wedding the play if possible section where’s it like “here’s my weird music taste, if you don’t have time to play it that’s ok, if you do have time to play it, great.” Because we knew these are songs that we like but no one else is going to know them. There’s something cool about leaving a little bit up to your DJ. Kristin asked me “What song do you want to play at the end of the night?” And I was like…uh no clue, you pick…! And she picked from the play if possible list and that really created a magical moment. So there’s definitely places through the night either the last song of the night or just the two of you or even dinner time like nobody is dancing but you are still hearing stuff that is important to you and that you like.
DJ Stasia: Sentimental, yeah.
Jessie: Ok, “Would you rather a list of songs we love OR just a style and you make it work? When do you have the most fun? Just curious…”
DJ Sam: SO, it goes 50/50 for me. I do like a long list because then I know exactly what you want. At the same time if you give me a long must play list, I don’t have room to wiggle in that genre because you gave me a set list but if you say “I like September, I like get down tonight, shut up and dance…disco in general…” At that point, I get to play your must plays and put my spin and take my knowledge to really take your party to that next level.
Jessie: I’m not a DJ but there’s definitely a good in between of “these are good must plays” then you get out there and see what the crowd is responding to. Maybe you want to fill your dance floor, but are your must plays filling the dance floor…? There’s good middle ground where maybe not 4 hours of must plays but maybe a good handful?!
DJ Sam: Like I said, with the must plays if I know some aren’t going to work I usually talk to my couples that day and like “ Hey ya know, it’s a great song but” doesn’t fit the vibe. I’ll tell them “I can play it during cocktail or dinner, or do you have another song by that artist you enjoy listening to instead??” I do try to give you everything you want but I try to give you that professional standpoint of “This is going to work…this…eh I’m not too sure ya know?”
Jessie: It’s good because it sets their expectations of “you still want to do it at that time? We can still do it! Here’s what might happen.” Everyone’s priorities are different. Depending on the mood I’m in, sometimes I’m like,” yeah your right let’s not do that “and then sometimes I’m like “yeah let’s do it anyways!” I totally agree. Anyone else have an answer to that? Jennie?
Jennie: I would love a list of songs you guys love and we ask you for those must plays I think it asks you for like 20, but if you want to give me 30-40 you can. But if you are giving me 40 songs, I’ll probably ask which ones are really your must plays? Because I want to get an idea of what you guys love but I also don’t want to miss a song.
Kristin: Yes Jennie! I agree! I remember what I was going to say for this question so…Yes, yes a balance of both ,give me a list also, but also give me a vibe. At the end of the day when we are in it and making people dance and the lights are going and everything is so exciting but …”oh God! Mercedes says she wants this song and I have to play it…oh no she’s getting re-bustled I can’t play it … let me play this.” No one needs to think of this but us, but at the end of the day if there’s only 60 minutes in an hour…How many songs can I fit? Do I need to go verse, chorus, out? How quick do I need to go? It’s good to have a balance of both. And if there is going to be a long list, highlight the “I have to dance to this or I’ll die tomorrow.”
Jennie: Yeah, I’ll say what Stasia was saying earlier, if you give me 50 songs, I’m going to tell you in our final, I’m probably going to quick mix. First verse first chorus, let’s go, let’s move onto the next thing so you get to hear all the songs you love. I love quick mixing but I’m going to let them know and keep them aware that if they give me a ton of songs, we are going to have to condense them all. We will make it happen, but I like a little bit of wiggle room, so I know what is going to get people on the dance floor.
Jessie: That puts in a good perspective too, saying you aren’t going to hear the full song. That may be more important, do I want to hear more of the songs, or do I want it to be quick mixing? It’s two different styles.
Jennie: And every couple is different
Kristin: Some want to hear the remix of “Don’t Stop Believing” and some are like, “if you change the melody of that song, I will literally cut you.”
Jessie: I think it’s good we ask those questions to know what they prefer, that’s important. Our girls are good at accommodating all these different styles of couples because there is a lot of different vibes we get, all good vibes…let’s see…Rebecca said “I wanna hear some bangers.” That was probably for DJ Sam…
“How do you know if a party is going well and if it’s not going well, how can you change up the vibe?”
DJ Sam: I forgot to answer the last part of that question “the most fun”…my man John is in the chat and he knows my favorite part is when I get to eat…cocktail hour, dinner, dessert! No, I’m kidding, I like dancing… I just had to shout him out! Shout out to all my homies back home!
Jessie: You’ve got a lot of support in the group chat. I love it!
DJ Sam: Yeah, I got my little brother in here, I got my friend. I’m doing her wedding in October, I’m super stoked for that. Good vibes all around. Alright so if your dance floor is packed …you are golden. You can see…how do I answer this? No one dances for two hours straight…I like to mix it up, I’ll hit you with top 40, Yeah by Usher, Mi Gente, Gasolina…give you a bit of everything, bring you back to hip-hop just because at that point you are testing the crowd…once you find something that smacks with the crowd you found your niche and stick to it.
Jessie: I know what you mean. As a guest, if you’re dancing, you’re getting tired, you sit down, you’ve been on the dance floor for too long. But then, this happens to me all the time, you throw out one of my songs and I gotta get back out there because they are playing my song. The more you switch gears the more it’s like “I can’t even sit down!”
DJ Sam: You take one step like, “I’m going to get another drink and the bar…” then like “nope I’m not going nowhere!” Like I said, I test the waters…one of those situations.
Jessie: You’re like is this song going to do it? OK next question…
Justina asks; “What’s the app called that I download, is it just Mixcloud?”
Kristin: Yup! Mixcloud all one word.
Jessie: Next Question “Fun question for me being that I’m old…who out of you would stake your claim as the queen of 80s? Like really 80s, like who would never run out of ideas if they had to play 5 hours of 80s???” I think you all would come prepared. You would be sharing crates, gathering amongst each other…
Jennie: If I had to play 5 hours of 80s, 1st off I’d be like heck yes! And then 2nd I’d be prepared for it. I think out of all our girls, DJ Shenelle or DJ Sam. Shenellle knows her old school stuff, 50s, 60, 70s, 80s! Shenelle got you!
Shenelle: Yeah!! I love to throw it back! Music wise! I put it in our live chat, Shalamar, Cameo, The Jets. I love that genre…
Jessie: There was another question here like “what is your favorite genre to mix” and you can answer that.
DJ Sam: Jennie is ready!
Jessie: I know what Jennie is going to say about hers! But like if Faith… I’m going to throw most of you guys up here… if she had to play 5 hours’ worth of 80s, you all share each other’s stuff, so yes you have favorites but yall are good at throwing down anything, right? Like you do your research and you prepare.
DJ Sam: I could throw a 90s set like that right now…
Jessie: Let’s rattle off some favorite genres…
Shenelle: I love 80s, disco, funk, soul, smooth jazz…. R &B old school. Those are my go-to give you a vibe type genres.
Stasia: 80s, classic rock, Hip Hop r7b, 90s, 2000s, if it’s modern trap…I love all Hip Hop so I got you on that… EDM is fun to mix because of the steady beat in EDM.
Jessie: Can I say, I love all of you, I’m like…”what’s your favorite genre?” And you have like 16 of them…
Faith: You picked the longest topic for a DJ to talk about…I literally love all genres. But definitely Latin vibes for me, pop music. I had a wedding where they were like “we wanted Broadway” and I was like yes absolutely. Those are my favorites but anything I’m playing you will see me dancing behind the booth!
DJ Sam: I can’t really pick 1 to be honest…We basically covered everything I love all genres …in my car I listen to mostly 90s hip hop. I don’t tell people this, but I’ll tell the world now… I love old school Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Etta James. Anytime we have friends over for dinner that’s what’s in the background every time.
Jessie: That’s cocktail hour vibes for sure.
DJ Sam: I’m 27, the fact I like that throws people off
Jessie: Ok, Jennie let’s hear it!
Jennie: I have so many favorite’s, but everyone knows I’m the Latin girl so any Latin music. My favorite to mix is Reggaeton and then 90s and 2000s..anything like “bend over make your knees touch your elbows!” Anything 2000s, Hip Hop R&B Pop…everything I love it!
Jessie: Ok I see Kristin making faces down there so what up girl!?
Kristin: I am pulling up my Spotify! 1st of all…yes to all the genres but…I’m just gonna leave y’all with this, if you aren’t already following me on Spotify…MeetKristin. I have the best playlist ever…. listen…Mic Drop…..GIVE ME ALL THE 2000s HIP HOP YASSSSS!
Jessie: We have time for 1 or 2 more questions. “What is your biggest do not play from couples?”
Kristin: I get a lot of do not play line dances … some people think of traditional wedding music as the stuff you hear all the time. Do not play “Old Town Road.” at the end of the day it’s all about the couple. I mean I don’t like “Old Town Road” … when I play it, I have 42 remixes to where it’s actually a different song but it’s “Old Town Road.”. I don’t believe we have to have a line dance or traditional wedding music to make everyone have a good time.
Jessie: I think we got most of the questions!
Kristin: We can save them for the next one, this was fun, hope you guys had fun with us!
Jessie: Yeah! Thank you, guys, for tuning in with us… for asking us all the questions!
Kristin: Pop the girls up on the screen! Thank You guys for hanging out with us. We had a really great time, if you have any more questions put them in the chat and we will make sure that Casey writes those down! And we will definitely be joining you guys again! Thanks for having us guys!
All: Bye!!!!!

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