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Dubsdread Country Club Tag

Christina + Justin were such a unique couple  and I knew right away, they were the perfect couple for me to DJ for as soon as they walked into my office. When I first sat down with them, Justin, being a musician himself, had a clear vision of what type of music he wanted to be played at his and Christina's wedding. In addition to the non-cheesy, overplayed music that you typically hear at weddings, he did not want LMFAO, Black Eyed Peas or any current-over-played music on the radio. It's very important for me to know the "do not play" list, but I wanted to find out from Justin and Christina what was on their "MUST PLAY" list... and it consisted of his love for James Brown, Prince and Wilson Pickett. 

Justin + Christina at Dubsdread Ballroom - Orlando Wedding DJ - Binary Flips