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Our Favorite Orlando Wedding Venues

Different couples have different hopes and dreams on what they hope to find when looking for Orlando Wedding Venues. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of our favorites that we know from being in the wedding industry.

Read on for more information about some of the best that Orlando wedding venues have to offer.


Unique and Beautiful Weddings

Unique weddings are distinctive because they are highly personalized. This sets them apart from traditional ceremonies and receptions. Couples who opt for this style of wedding often put more of their personalities into each aspect of their wedding day. Venues can range from eccentric places like art galleries and museums to underwater adventures like aquariums and botanical gardens.

The venues are either chosen for their existing unique decor or their ability to adapt to a certain theme. These venues often welcome amazing entertainment like live painters or magicians to really spice up the event.

Here are some of our favorite unique wedding venues in Orlando:


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Rustic Wedding Venues

Rustic wedding venues have a natural sort of flair and charm which exude simplistic yet sophisticated features. These venues are often set (though not always) in rural locations such as barns, farms, or vineyards. Rustic wedding venues are also appealing due to their natural landscapes and backdrops.

Rustic venues emphasize natural beauty and may already have decor like wood, burlap, lace, local wildflowers, and a welcoming hospitality vibe. There’s already a sort of ambiance that surrounds these venues and couples may find they want to add little to no decor because simplicity is a theme in itself.

These Orlando wedding venues have that rustic type feel:



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Traditional Ballroom / Hotel Play and Stay Venues


Ballroom Venues are the epitome of elegance and tradition and we are here for it! These venues are perfect for couples who envision a formal and grandiose celebration. Ballrooms provide a spacious environment with sophisticated decor such as chandeliers and lavish table settings.

The added convenience of an on-site hotel is appealing for many couples who either have a lot of out of town guests or who want to begin their honeymoon in splendor.

Here are some more traditional, ballroom style venues we love:

Finding an Orlando Wedding Venue Can Be Fun…And So Can Finding Your Vendors!

Whether you’re in the thick of planning your wedding or just got engaged 15 minutes ago, remember that booking early is a lifesaver! After you’ve chosen the Orlando wedding venue of your dreams, be sure to book your entertainment next! During ‘wedding season’ DJs, photo booth rentals, and other vendors book up fast! We don’t want you to miss out.

Give us a call so we can get you on the schedule. We can’t wait to celebrate with you!



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