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The Wedding Shoe Game! (20 Questions)

Photo by Live Happy Studio.

Our couples often ask us what activities or things they can do during their wedding reception to spice it up a bit. The most requested activity is the Newlywed Game, also known as the Wedding Shoe Game.


How Does the Wedding Shoe Game Work?

We’ll set up two chairs back-to-back on the dance floor. You two have a seat and swap one shoe.

Your DJ will ask a series of questions. To answer, you raise the shoe of the person you think fits the answer best. If you think the answer is your spouse, you’ll raise their shoe; if you think the answer is yourself, you’ll raise your own shoe.

What makes this so much fun for your guests is that the couple cannot see each other’s answers, so they don’t know if the answers are the same. The couple can only see their friends’ and families’ reactions.

These can be memorable surprise moments to make during the reception and super entertaining for everyone watching!


Ready To Rock Your Event?

When Is the Best Time to Play?

We always suggest that our couples play the Wedding Shoe Game either at the end of dinner or right after the cake cutting. (This is a great time for laughter while everyone enjoys something sweet!)

Try to make sure this is planned at a time when most of the guests are able to enjoy it. No one wants to miss out!


Wedding Shoe Game Questions

You know your friends and family better than anyone, so choose questions that fit your personality or relationship best.

Here are some sample questions to get you started.

  1. Who’s more likely to leave their shoes at the front door?
  2. Who made the first move?
  3. Who spends the most amount of time in front of the mirror?
  4. Who is a bigger baby when they have a cold?
  5. Who is the better driver?
  6. Who wants kids first?
  7. Who is more likely to use the bedroom floor as the laundry basket?
  8. Who is more likely to deal with a spider in the bath?
  9. Who is more organized?
  10. Who controls the credit cards?
  11. Who chose the honeymoon location?
  12. Who fell in love first?
  13. Who takes up all the sheets in the middle of the night?
  14. Who said “I love you” first?
  15. Who is the more “responsible” one?
  16. Who is most likely to cry during a movie?
  17. Who is a better dancer?
  18. Who has the crazier family?
  19. Who has the crazier friends?
  20. Who do you love most in the entire world? (This is our favorite way to end the Wedding Shoe Game!)


“Kick Off” Your Wedding with Some Fun!

If you’re looking for a lighthearted way to introduce some extra fun and laughs into your wedding, you can’t do better than the Wedding Shoe Game.

Of course, with Our DJ Rocks, your event is guaranteed to be a blast either way! Our one-of-a-kind DJ team has been trained with your event in mind and our online playlist portal makes choosing your music super easy. Contact us today to reserve your date (before someone else does)!

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