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What should a couple be looking for in a Wedding DJ?

What should a couple be looking for in a Wedding DJ?
I think above all else, look for style, personality and the vibe. Your DJ is going to help set the tone of the evening. That means that style and personality do matter. One thing you can do is instead of just getting a quote via email, meet with your DJ to go over your vibe, music styles and needs. You want to ensure that they have the right style and personality not only to match you and your fiancé, but to also manage your reception.

If you have never seen a particular wedding DJ in action, how would you know you are a making the right choice?
This is such a tough thing for a couple to know. You’ve never planned a wedding, you’ve never hired a DJ and you may not have ever seen a DJ before, so how in the world are you supposed to know this! Even without a list of things or suggestions, GO WITH YOUR GUT! Look for little things such as:

  • Correspondence – What it is like corresponding with them? From the time you call or email them. Are they responding to you quick enough? Are they excited to speak with you? Does it seem like they love what they do?
  • Do your Homework – STALK THEM! I cannot even imagine planning a wedding 50 years ago… without social media, the internet and pinterest! But we have the opportunity now to get more information than ever before even speaking with someone on the phone. What do other brides say about them on and Do they have google or Facebook Reviews? What do those say? Are they genuine reviews or just like… yup they showed up, DJed and Rocked it? Look on their social media accounts, what are they posting? Can you connect or relate with that?
  • Ask for Referrals! If you are at a venue or in a meeting with your photography [cough cough Belinda] – ask them who they refer or better yet… say, “Hey I was thinking about contacting Our DJ Rocks as my DJ, what is your experience with them?”

What sets your company a part from others?  What do you do differently?

I type and then I delete and then I type again. I smile as I write this and it’s because I’m not a huge fan of this question. And maybe it’s because even though my personality may be bright and vivacious, I feel very modest when it comes to answering this question. Kind of like how you’re in a room of 50 people and someone wants you to get on a microphone, stand up in front of everyone and introduce yourself? Ya, same feeling. LOL. 
Okay so in all seriousness,  it’s not what do we do differently – but I think it’s how we do it and it’s our outlook and approach. 
Blending, Mixing and Beat Matching – I always tell our couples and clients – if you’re looking for “tiesto”, best dj mix master flex for your wedding, we aren’t the right fit. Yes we do blend and mix our music, but to be honest – most people who love the song “Don’t Stop Believing” love it for a reason, and they dont want to hear a mash up. Now, don’t get me wrong – I LOOOOOOVE a good remix or a mashup and there’s nothing I love more than the feeling of an unexpected beat dropping. 
Energy & Tone – I think even more importantly than this, it’s the energy and tone that Our DJ Rocks as your DJ/MC is going to bring to your reception. Some of my biggest pet peeves is an overbearing, obnoxious sounding DJ on a microphone. Or how about a DJ that doesn’t play an of our requests or better yet, plays a song on your do not play list! #Unbelievable
Understanding – It’s not about me, or Our DJ Rocks or even the DJ. We don’t believe we need to be the center of attention. There’s something magical that happens when we sit down with you whether that’s on the phone or in a meeting, ask questions and truly understand you as a couple. I’ll give you an example. In one of my meetings, my couple told me that they loved going to concerts and he proposed at a Billy Joel Concert! So FUN! Fast forward a year or so later to their wedding day. Their wedding planner looked over at me and said – “THE BRIDE AND GROOM ARE WALKING IN TO DO THEIR ROOM REVEAL.” Ummm  – That was no on the schedule and I was not prepared with a song for that, however in a split second, my mind went back to that first meeting and I immediately cued up “She’s Got Away” by Billy Joel as they entered the room… that moment right there was one that the groom said was his favorite 2 minutes of the ENTIRE DAY. Moments like this can’t happen without listening and understanding. And honestly, probably passion 🙂 
What services do you offer? 
We offer DJ and MC services for not only your reception, but your cocktail hour and ceremony as well. In addition to DJ services, we can also create custom packages that include uplighting for your reception and a photo booth!
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