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15 questions to ask a dj

15 Questions to Ask a DJ

15 Questions to Ask a DJ – Wedding Music Advice

The music can make or break your party, which means the DJ is one of the most important elements of your wedding reception. You definitely don’t want to hire someone without asking the right questions to make sure they are professional, they get your vibe and most importantly they are the right fit for you. 

1. Are you a Professional DJ? 
You can usually find this out by doing research online. Check their online reviews on The Knot and Wedding Wire. Have they won any awards? Do they do this full time?

2. Do you have experience with weddings or your specific type of event? 
You can most of the time figure this out as well. Stalk their social media!!!! 

3. Do you have backup DJs available in case of an emergency? 
There always needs to be a back up plan. You shouldn’t have to worry if something comes up. They should have that covered for you. 

4. Do you carry back up equipment to the event? 
The answer should be YES! 

5. Will you personally be the DJ at my event?
You want to make sure they understand your vibe and mesh well with you. So find out who your DJ will be. You can meet our orlando wedding dj here! 

6. Are you the DJ and the MC?
Some DJs only DJ and don’t MC. Being and MC is 50% of what we do as wedding DJs. Read more about what wedding DJs do here. 

7. What kind of music do you play? Do you have a variety of music available?
This is actually a trick question. We believe that your wedding should be about the music that YOU want. So if they have a set list they play and there really isnt much flexibility, then its it may not be what you like or do not like. 

8. Can we select our own music?
This is super important because it should be a reflection of your personalities. Of course you want to give your DJ flexibility to keep the dance floor going. 

9. Do you take requests?
I love this question, because there’s two ways I answer that. One: Only if you want me to. Two: Only the good ones. If someone requests a song that is completely off the wall or doesn’t fit with what I know you like – I will probably not play it. (For Example, if you don’t want any line dances and someone requests the Cupid Shuffle, we wont play it)

10. Are you insured?
Some venues won’t let vendors on property without proper liability insurance. Don’t risk it! 

11. How long have you been DJing?
The exact years may not be as important, but you’ll get more out of this question when you ask it. 

12. Do you belong to any professional or trade organizations?
Are they leaders in their industry? Do they continue to grow? This question will show you their passion and committment to their talent, trade and company. 

13. What do you usually wear to an event?
This is a fun question. For us, we wear sparkly shoes when we DJ. 🙂 It’s just our thing.

14. Do you have a reputable name in the industry, with your peers and clients?
This is another one you could find out with research. Ask your other vendors their thoughts on that person and check reviews online: google, The Knot, Wedding Wire

15. What do we need to provide? What does the DJ need?
Just to make sure you’ve covered all your bases and make sure on even day, you are set up for success! 

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