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April 2015

Orlando Wedding DJ- Bella Collina- Studio829

Ashley + Rob Hingston's Wedding

Video by: Studio829

It's very rare to find two people that are completely different but also completely in love with every inch of each other. The way Rob looked at Ashley, even in our first meeting together, you could tell that she was the MOST beautiful woman in the entire woman. Touching her so gently and loving, she will always be his Princess. This kind of love is every girl's dream. Congrats Ashley and Rob and I hope you two continue to look at each other like no one else matters.

Orlando Wedding DJ- Paradise Cove- Best Photography

Stacie + Dan Cole's Wedding

   Our DJ Rocks

Photo By: Best PhotographyStacie and Dan… this couple was such a great time! From the moment they touched the dancefloor, they did not move and the friends and family were exactly the same! Honestly when meeting these two in our final together, they warned me that they had a fun crowd that loves throwback 80 songs and everything they told me was true!


Orlando Wedding DJ- Orlando Science Center

Best Photography

Jenna + Paul Cwiklinski's Wedding

Orlando Wedding DJ Our DJ Rocks 

Photo By: Best Photography

What an incredible night! Jenna could have danced to the song Fireball by Pitbull on repeat and been super happy... Instead (contrary to my rule of not playing a song twice), I played it four times for her! The lsat time I played it, she had an entire bottle of fireball taking shots and screaming that she loved me! Jenna was such a little fireball and I see why Paul chose to spend the rest of this life with her.