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best las dance songs for weddings playlist for Our DJ Rocks

Best Last Dance Songs For Weddings

Every month, day, and minute has led to this moment. You’ve spent every ounce of energy into planning this celebration to kick off your life with your person. You’ve celebrated with the people you love the most and now it’s time to celebrate the last few moments of your wedding day and then sail into the mystic on your honeymoon.

It’s time for your last dance song – a moment that encapsulates all the joy, love, and celebration of your special day. It’s not just any dance; it’s a symbol of your journey together, a final note that echoes into your new life as a couple.

At Our DJ Rocks, we understand just how important this is. As experts in crafting the perfect wedding playlists, we know that the last dance is just as important as your first dance and is your chance to have one last moment to bask on your wedding day. It’s all about finding that one song that feels like it was written just for you and your new spouse.

Read on while we dive into the world of last dance wedding songs, give suggestions on some of the most meaningful songs we’ve heard, and begin to help you create the night of your dreams.


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Choosing The Right Song

When your chosen song begins to play, it’s not only signaling the end of your event, it’s a culmination of the entire day just spent celebrating you and your new life together. The last dance song is more than just a song; it’s a memory in the making. At Our DJ Rocks, we believe that this moment deserves a song that resonates with your union.

What should this song encapsulate?

Reflection Of Your Journey – Do you have a special song that means something to you as a couple? Perhaps the first slow song you ever danced to or one that you heard right after realizing you were in love with your spouse.

Setting The Tone Of The Future – What about a tune that is hopeful, looks towards the future, and really encompasses what you want out of life? Does the song mention amazing vacations to exotic locations? Does the song mention having children? The world is really your oyster and there’s a song for every future hope.

Personal Touch – Your last dance wedding song could even be a surprise to your new spouse. Maybe it’s a testament to your feelings for them that you couldn’t put into words when writing your vows.

Choosing the right last dance song is more than just picking good music, it’s about crafting a moment that captures the essence of your wedding day and sets the couple off on the right foot after their big day. With Our DJ Rocks by your side to help you navigate the best last dance songs for weddings, we will make your dreams a reality.

Best Last Dance Songs For Weddings

Whether you choose a timeless classic or a more modern hit, the key is to choose a song that means something to you as a couple. Your last dance is not just a song, but a lasting memory to cherish in the years to come.

“All My Life” by K-Ci & JoJo

This classic R&B ballad, with its heartfelt lyrics and soothing melody, is a favorite for couples looking to end their night on a romantic note.

“All of Me” by John Legend

A modern love anthem, this song’s beautiful lyrics and John Legend’s soulful voice make it a popular choice for couples who want a deeply personal and emotional last dance.

“At Last” by Etta James

The timeless quality of Etta James’ voice in this classic tune creates a magical and nostalgic atmosphere, perfect for a couple celebrating the beginning of their forever.

“Wonderful Tonight” by Eric Clapton

This song’s tender melody and loving lyrics make it an ideal choice for a slow, intimate dance, wrapping up the night with a sense of warmth and affection.

“Always and Forever” by Luther Vandross

Luther Vandross’ smooth vocals and the song’s romantic tempo offer a soulful and loving conclusion to your wedding festivities.

“This Will Be An Everlasting Love” by Natalie Cole

With its upbeat tempo and joyful lyrics, this song brings a lively and celebratory energy to the end of the night.

“You Are the Best Thing” by Ray Lamontagne

A modern classic, this song combines soulful rock with heartfelt lyrics, ideal for couples looking for a blend of contemporary and classic.

“I’ve Had The Time of My Life” by Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes

This iconic song, known for its appearance in ‘Dirty Dancing’, brings a feeling of joy and nostalgia, perfect for couples who want to end their night on a high note.

“Save the Last Dance for Me” by Michael Bublé

Bublé’s modern take on this classic tune adds a touch of elegance and romance, inviting couples to share a meaningful, last dance together.

“I Don’t Want This Night to End” by Luke Bryan

For country music lovers, this song captures the excitement and sentimentality of wanting to prolong the wedding celebration.

“Feel So Close” by Calvin Harris

Adding a modern twist, this upbeat electronic hit is ideal for couples looking to end their wedding with an energetic and contemporary vibe.

“Take Me Home Tonight” by Eddie Money

For a fun and lively last dance, this classic rock song is sure to get everyone on the dance floor, ending the night with a burst of joy and excitement.

Each of these songs offers a unique way to end your wedding day in a way that sticks with you forever. Whether it’s the romantic voice of Luther Vandross or the energetic beats of Calvin Harris, each couple is sure to find something that fits their personality.


Bride and groom kissing surrounded by friends and family during the last dance of their wedding

Your Last Dance Song Is Important

And Our DJ Rocks can help! We can give you options for any special dances during your big day, give you advice on wedding music, including your last dance wedding song. We have thousands of songs and playlists to choose from.

Our job is to cater to you and help you to create the wedding song list of your dreams. Whether you need a lot of guidance on the best songs or you have a playlist already written down, we are here for you! Give us a call today so we can help you create the night you’ve been dreaming of for years.

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