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Courtney and Michael's Sweet Farmer's Market Wedding

Real Events: Courtney + Michael’s “Sweet” Farmer’s Market Wedding

The Winter Park Farmer’s Market is one of our favorite Orlando wedding venues, so we were thrilled to see the beautiful ceremony between Courtney and Michael.

As you can tell from the pictures below, this couple brought romantic touches of glamour and love to their big day and we were honored to share it. (I mean, look at the options on that dessert table!)

We asked Courtney and Michael to share some of their favorite moments from their special day.

Was there a memory from your wedding that sticks out more than others? Maybe romantic, maybe fun dance floor related? 

Our crowd, probably. There were so many people and every single one of them made us feel so loved. It truly made for a magical day!

As far as a physical part of the wedding reception, I would say our sweets table. It had such a romantic yet vintage feel to it and the desserts were so pretty. It was definitely the highlight of our reception. We got a lot of compliments about it!

What is one piece of advice that you would give couples planning their wedding?

Enjoy it as much as you can and take all the chaos in.

It’s funny because in high school I was a cheerleader, so I was used to being in front of large crowds. But at our wedding, my nerves were so shot because there were so many people staring at us, some of whom I knew, some that I didn’t, and some I hadn’t seen in years. I feel like during some of the dances and other certain moments (like the cake-cutting, etc.), I wasn’t really enjoying or taking in what was happening because I just wanted it to be over and for people to quit starting at me. Haha!

Looking back, I wish I would have just taken in how handsome my husband looked, and just that it was all finally happening, instead of caring so much about what else was going on around me or who was staring at us.

If you could change one thing about your wedding, what would it be?

First, I just want to say that our wedding was perfect!! Our vendors, including Our DJ Rocks, made our wedding so much fun and kept the timeline in order.

With that being said, the only thing I would’ve changed would be moving the bar inside. We left it out on the porch, after the cocktail hour so we had more indoor room, but I found that that caused a lot of people to stand outside and drink, which was away from the DJ inside. This, also, caused a lot of people to miss moments like the cake-cutting, garter toss, etc. because they were outside waiting for drinks.

Why did you choose Our DJ Rocks for your wedding entertainment?

Originally, it was just from the amazing reviews they had, but then I spoke with Kristin and I knew that they were just an amazing team and I had to have them DJ our wedding. Once I met Gaby, who was our DJ and who has the most fun personality, I knew for sure then that we had picked the perfect vendor for our DJ!!

Courtney and Michael kissing among oak trees

Courtney's beautiful pink and purple bouquet

bride and groom posing on edge of Winter Park fountain

Sweetheart table with couple's initials

Wedding menu tucked into napkin

Doughnut display at wedding dessert table

airplane-shaped cookies at wedding dessert table

globe-shaped cookies at wedding dessert table

bride and groom having a drink on dance floor  bride and groom dancing and drinking beer   bride and groom kissing among cascade of bubbles   bride and groom dancing alone

Courtney + Michael’s Vendors

Orlando Wedding FlowersDanielle Evans with Dream Designs Florist
Orlando Wedding VenueWinter Park Farmer’s Market
 Orlando Wedding Caterer4 Rivers
Orlando Wedding RentalsOrlando Wedding and Party Rentals
Orlando Wedding DressOne & Only Bridal Boutique
Orlando Wedding MakeupDash + Opal Beauty
Orlando Wedding Planner + CoordinatorAt Last Wedding + Event Design
Orlando Wedding DJDJ Gaby with Our DJ Rocks

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