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Real Events: Cassie + Sam’s Farmer’s Market Festivities

Our DJ Rocks had the incredible honor of being able to provide the music and entertainment for Cassie and Sam’s wedding at the Winter Park Farmer’s Market. It was such a fun event, even DJ Cierra got in on the action!

Cassie and Sam said, “We had such an amazing night and the music was a huge part of it! Thank you to all of Our DJ Rocks team for helping us throw a rocking party!”

Was there a memory from your wedding that sticks out more than others? Maybe romantic, maybe fun dance floor-related?
Cassie: I have a few memories that stick out to me. One is from the Cotton Eyed Joe. I love group dances and I was front and center during the Cotton Eyed Joe. My college friend from Texas wore his cowboy hat to the wedding and I turned to him in the middle of the song and motioned for his hat. He handed me his hat and I danced with it and twirled it around at the appropriate points. Our DJs noticed and started nodding in my direction. It was a really fun, spontaneous moment that I will never forget. 

Sam: There are two particular moments that stand out to me—other than my wonderful first dance with my beautiful wife to “Neverland,” a song from the first musical we saw together. The first moment was a special dance with my maid of honor, Hannah. It was Hannah’s birthday on the day of our wedding, so I dedicated a song to her from our favorite musical. We had a really sweet dance to “Seasons of Love.” The second moment was one with my whole group of college and high school friends as we belted out the lyrics to Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing,” which I feel has been at really epic song at every point in my adolescence and young adult life.

What is one piece of advice that you would give couples planning their wedding?
Cassie & Sam: Hire a wedding planner/day-of coordinator! We both stressed over setup because we were decorating and setting up linens ourselves. When our hair stylist ran late, we relied on family members to put everything together. This made them stressed and it all could’ve been avoided by having a day-of coordinator.

If you could change one thing about your wedding, what would it be?
Sam: I would’ve changed the weather…so that it didn’t rain right as I was trying to have my ceremony. I can’t control the weather, though! There’s really nothing else I would want to have been different.
Cassie: I would’ve searched for a completely indoor venue to avoid weather issues, but in reality I loved our venue and it makes for a crazy story because we had to move at the last minute. Having an indoor venue would’ve been less stressful.

Why did you choose Our DJ Rocks for your wedding entertainment?
Cassie & Sam: We love female empowerment and female-owned companies. We met Our DJ Rocks at a wedding expo and they stood out immediately. Their shoes were sparkly, they had spunky attitudes, and they were strong females. When we were comparing packages, we decided to splurge on DJs because we loved the feel of Our DJ Rocks. It was a great decision and the DJs were definitely a hit at our wedding! Many guests raved about them after the night was over.

Thanks so much, Cassie and Sam! We had a truly incredible time celebrating your big day. Kellie Warren of Live Happy Studio captured some amazing photos of the dancing (including the infamous Cotton Eyed Joe!) and of DJ Cierra getting down with her bad self.

wedding guest having a blast DJ Cierra dancing bride speaking on microphone DJ Cierra working the mic bride doing line dance in cowboy hat Brides holding hands on dance floor this bride loved doing the Cotton Eyed Joe! Brides spinning each other on dance floor bride doing a line dance

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