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Our DJ Rocks team featuring DJ Nicole

Meet a DJ Who Rocks…Nicole!

With a background in film and television, Nicole has spent her career working behind the scenes to bring magic visions to life. She worked as a performer at Disney for over 13 years and also Entertainment at Margaritaville.
She’s now bringing that production experience to events and weddings! What makes her shine on our team: Motivation.
Our DJ Rocks - Meet DJ Nicole!

Meet Nicole

When people ask “what do you do?” how do you answer? 
I help create the soundtrack and memories to events and weddings that will keep people talking for years to come. 
What did you do before you did this?
I worked for Disney World for 13 years as a performer in parades and shows and I work as a production assistant/assistant director in film and television. 
When and how did you get into the wedding industry?
I started working in the wedding industry about two years ago. I actually started out by helping friends organize and plan their weddings and everyone suggested that I go into it professionally.
How did your work evolve to get you to where you are today? 
I have always been a people person and loved performing. I had stepped away from it for awhile and really missed it. I have always really loved weddings and they are a great way to use what I have learned as performer as well as my organizational skills. 
What is your favorite thing about what you do? What’s your WHY?
My favorite thing about what I do is seeing people’s reactions. I love making and seeing people happy. It is so unique to be able to be part of creating moments that will last a lifetime.
Tell us about your most memorable event so far.
My most memorable moment was when a bride asked us to play a song for her to dance with her grandfather. When the song came on, the family helped pick her grandfather out of his wheelchair to help him dance with her. Seeing his face that he was able to dance with his granddaughter at her wedding was priceless.
What’s the best part of your job?
The best part of my job is being able to create timeless moments for people that will last a lifetime.
What motivates you to do this everyday?
I’m motivated everyday by knowing that I get to create a unique experience for each couple. No two weddings are ever going to be the same and I love that!
What is the best compliment you’ve received from your clients?
It was more of a reaction from a bride than a compliment. The bride’s bustle had broken and we were lining everyone up for the introductions. I stepped in and helped fixed it. She was so surprised and thankful. One of the bridesmaids kept telling me all night how thankful she was that I fixed it and loved that I was willing to help with an element outside of DJ-ing. 
Best piece of advice for brides or grooms?
Take the time to enjoy every moment of your wedding. The time is going to go by so fast, so just remember to take it all in.
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