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Mission, Vision and Core Values – Our DJ Rocks

Our DJ Rocks Mission

We’ve been working on a passion project for quite some time, actually, over a year now to be exact. Goal: to define our mission, vision and core values as a team. We asked ourselves…. Who are we? Where do we want to go next? How are we going to get there? And who will be part of that tribe to blaze that trail? [Annnndddd who will be our glam squad while we make an epic video and photo shoot?? About Face Design Team]

our dj rocks team kristin wilson of our dj rocks kristin wilson of our dj rocksour dj rocks team

We were extremely lucky to have Gian Carlo, an phenomenal Orlando Photographer capture us!

orlando female dj teamsquad goals our dj rocks orlando

dustin seltzer with seltzer films the balcony orlando female djsaleyah and gaby are unstoppable djs

As Our DJ Rocks and Photobooth Rocks continued to soar we had to define what was it that really made us different, down to the core. What does our moral Compass look like and what are the values that drive every decision we make?

So we looked at who was on our team NOW and wrote down everything about each of us as individuals that our clients and vendors loved the most. Passion, Charisma, Integrity, Authenticity, Commitment, Motivation, Positivity and  Candidness just to name a few. Some ladies are newer, some have been with us for more than half of our existence and some are now moving into other roles in and outside our company that we continue to support! 

To follow along with our theme, we wanted our core values to be sprinkled throughout the video, so that when you saw each of us as individuals, you know what each of us brings to the table. So we produced shirts that had our core values on them. Take a look at Hailey Steinfield’s Most Girls music video for inspiration.

Founder, CEO, DJ – Kristin

dj kristin orlando wedding dj

Leadership Team

Jennie [Sales Manager]


Now it was time to share that with the world! We are all about living in color, and writing everything down on paper just didn’t seem like enough! So we dreamed up video and started working with Dustin Seltzer with Seltzer Films to bring this passion project to life!

Our theme for our video was sparked by one of our favorite lyrics, “started from the bottom” by Drake. Our DJ Rocks started with just a girl and a dream and a husband that supported her. No loans. No help. No following. No social media and no help. And now we are so humbled and proud of our strong, so full of energy – dj squad!

orlando wedding djs dancing on a rooftop

dj kristin wilson

Have you ever seen Taylor Swifts Bad Blood music video? Where she’s got a squad of badass ladies walking towards the camera with explosions behind them? On FIRE! So this was the inspiration for the ending of our video. We wanted to showcase our team as it is today. Since we couldn’t possibly pull enough permits to blow up something in Downtown Orlando, we worked with Andy at some killer firework effects instead!

dj kristinwilson our dj rocks

tabitha and kristin with our dj rocks

all female dj company orlando


To be known, respected and followed in the event industry as one of the only all-female DJ multi-ops in the US. 

female dj orlando

Our Mission

To love what we do, lead by example and exceed our client expectations through passion and rapport in dj services and photo booth rentals in the event industry. #LoveLeadExcel.

We are constantly inspired by music and by our team. Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.

xoxo Kristin




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