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Tim + Brittany sharing intimate dance on beautiful rooftop venue

Real Events: Tim + Brittany – Romantic Balcony Locale

Brittany and Tim celebrated their wedding with friends and family on a rooftop in downtown Orlando, Florida at a venue called The Balcony and, well…they have been busy ever since!

Tim graduated law school just weeks after the wedding and has been studying for the bar exam since. A huge congrats to him for finishing it last week! So now that they can get back to enjoying married life, we asked them a few questions about their special day.

Was there a memory from your wedding that sticks out more than others? Maybe romantic, maybe fun dance floor related?
A memory that sticks out most is when we read our vows to each other during our first look, right before the ceremony. It felt so special and intimate to see each other for the first time on our wedding day and share our own personal vows for the first time to one another as (future) husband and wife. Of course, we read them again during our ceremony, but it felt extra special that we shared them in private beforehand. We will always cherish that moment!

What is one piece of advice that you would give couples planning their wedding?
We would definitely advise couples to plan the wedding that they want, and try not to get caught up in pleasing everyone else. It will be impossible to make everyone happy, and it’s most important to make one another happy on the big day. Try to make decisions about wedding planning as a couple, and learn to navigate choices using intuition. Too many opinions can become confusing over time! Also, plan for at least one thing to go wrong, no matter how well you and your vend

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ors plan or prepare.

If you could change one thing about your wedding, what would it be?
One thing we wish we could change about our wedding would be to have two of our friends in attendance, who were tragically killed in the Orlando Pulse massacre. Words couldn’t describe the grief we felt over them being unable to witness this significant moment in our lives. Our DJ Rocks was great in that they played a dedication during our reception. And as it turned out, one of the photos our wedding photographer captured that evening was of two birds flying overhead, so maybe they were both there for the party after all!

Why did you choose Our DJ Rocks for your wedding entertainment?
Honestly we loved the vibe we got from the get-go! Our DJ Rocks understood our vision and were extremely easy to work with. We wanted to be able to customize our playlist and develop our own mood that didn’t fall within the traditional wedding reception stereotype, and while that might not be for everyone, it was exactly what we were looking for on our big day!

elegant white wedding reception chairs draped with greenery beautiful white table setting with simple greenery runner Tim + Brittany cutting the cake Tim + Brittany sharing first dance on rooftop venue Tim spinning Brittany Gorgeous nighttime view from The Balcony Orlando Tim lifting Brittany on the dance floor Brittany dancing with her father bride and groom share intimate dance on rooftop underneath market lighting


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Orlando Wedding Reception Venue The Balcony Orlando
 Orlando Wedding PlannerAt Last Wedding + Event Design
Orlando Wedding PhotographerKT Crabb Photography
Orlando Wedding DJOur DJ Rocks

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