One of the things we value at Our DJ Rocks is growth. Whether it’s being a better DJ or kicking butt at whirly ball, I am constantly asking the question, “How do we get one percent better?”

I attend dozens of DJ conferences across the US and this summer, I watched DJ Nick Spinelli give his Create Science seminar and thought it would be GREAT to bring back to the team! So as part of our DJ University Training, instead of me teaching how to mix, we flew in DJ Nick Spinelli with SCE Event Group out of New Jersey to put a little spice in some of our mixes and how we perform!

DJ Jasmin Gave us her Top 3 Takeaways from the Mixology, Check it out! 

1. “DJing is a way of life”. Wherever I go, I now pay attention to what music is playing. Throughout the day I make notes of songs I think will mix well together in a set.  There is endless inspiration when it comes to music which makes practicing fun!
2. Mixing during Dinner allows you to read your crowd so when it’s time to open the dancefloor, you have the upperhand.
3. Mixing songs after the first verse and chorus allows you to play more BANGERS, which in turn keeps the dance floor packed throughout the night.

As you can probably tell from the video, we had an absolute BLAST!

Being able to up our DJ game not only helps us be better, it helps all of our amazing couples have an incredible experience at their weddings. We can’t wait to share it all with you!

“I had a great time and learned little nuggets that are now gonna make me mix better! I looooove the Crate Science and have already started to use it.” — DJ Jennie
“My favorite take away was that he mixes old and new songs together on the dance floor instead of one genre at a time.”  — DJ Emily
“I learned more creative ways to mix! And tips like having playlists for days and pre-set cue marks can save your life!” — DJ Faith

DJ Stasia said, “I learned a lot during the mixology training and Nick is an awesome guy! First of all, I appreciate him offering advice whenever we want it! Having a connection like him and having you as a mentor bring people in like this is amazing.

I learned a lot about:
  • Crates
  • How to read crowds and what to do about it
  • How to save a dying dance floor
  • How to mix different genres together for all age groups to like
  • Better techniques of matching bmp and fading
  • Scratching tricks and other tricks (can’t wait to practice these!)
  • Amazing resources
  • Beat Math ( bars and intros such as 8-bar, 16-bar, acapella outros, etc)

Thanks, Nick, for teaching us new things and inspiring us!