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Top 5 Moments of My Career / OUR DJ ROCKS CELEBRATES 5 YEARS

In honor of our 5 year anniversary, I am sharing my Top 5 Moments from the last 5 years as well as some of our favorite testimonies from clients and employees who have helped shape this little company with big heart.


#5The PUG”


In 2010 I volunteeredto DJ the Central Florida PUG workshop. I remember getting off from my day job around the typical 5pm, maybe earlier. I set up my gear and pumped those photographers up for their fashion show type workshop. As most creative ventures do, it started to run late…. Hour later than I expected. I was so aggravated and ready to go home, simply over exhaustion. How could I have let myself agree to this when I was THAT tired. And if you’re going to volunteer – you’ve got to do it with a smile. Misty Miotto was there that night and has known me since 2005 when she saw me DJ for the first time. Instead of getting upset with me because I was being pushy and begging to leave, she simply asked me to give them a few more minutes and then we can wrap it up.

After the workshop was over she asked me to hang out with her at the hotel lounge and chat. That literally was the LAST thing I wanted to do. Hello – where is my pillow is all I was thinking. I’ve got to get up at 5am and do this all over again. Remember, Misty, I have a corporate career? I ended up staying for another 2 hours just chatting away. I can’t recall the exact conversation or the exact words that were spoken, but they certainly were powerful.

So many thoughts were running through my mind. The thought of leaving comfort with a salary and benefits is terrifying. But what in the world am I doing working like this. But wait… I love my career and the company I work for. I can’t leave this place! I love going into work every single day. My most favorite job I’ve EVER had.


#4 “4 Years Later”

Megan and Dennis got married at the White Room in St Augustine. The I Do’s were said and the reception had started. One of the bridesmaids had walked up to me. It wasn’t just any bridesmaid though. It was Tammy Agnini, who got married in January of 2011 to Jeb at Lake Mary Event Center. Megan just so happened to be her bridesmaid back in 2011. Tammy wanted to share with me that her grandmother recently passed away and they asked the family to gather up photos for the slideshow. As Tammy was going through trying to find her favorite photos, she found that her favorite memories of her grandmother were at her wedding. She couldn’t thank me enough for getting her on the dance floor and creating those moments. She also said that when she was going through her wedding things, she found the gift I gave her, which was her wedding soundtrack and she was so grateful to have. I literally had tears in my eyes. This is what I hope and live for. Even after 4 years, she was still so thankful and told me that I had such a special gift.


#3 “Spending Our Entire House Savings”

Photobooths weren’t always a hot item… as least I didn’t get asked for them. It was so weird, because I remember having 3 of my brides ask me within a two week timeframe if I had a photobooth they could rent because they couldn’t find anyone to rent it from. My answer was no, but after the 3rd request, from Nicole King (Ligori) at the time, I said give me a few weeks and I’ll look into it for you. I did some research, signed up for a convention and Mark and I went on the hunt. When we got to the convention, we thought, holy smokes these bad boys are expensive. I was also thinking, ewwww, I don’t like the way that looks or I would never have that arcade looking machine at my wedding. No wonder my clients were having such a hard time finding a photo booth for their wedding. We came across the last stop before we left and met the most amazing company, with ethics, value and trustworthiness. All the things we stand for. We thought, now this is a company we could do business with. Not only that, but their photo booths (I mean I know it’s not a pair of glitter toms) where so elegant and if it were me, I definitely could see this at my wedding. They told us how much it cost and my jaw almost dropped. We told them we would think about it and get back with them. So, Mark and I went a got a pretzel and soda and sat on a bench at the convention. I thought, OMG I would have to use our house savings account to buy this thing. We literally would empty out the account. Should we do this? There were so many what ifs. Within 15 minutes, we walked back over to our new found business associations and told them we wanted to buy the photo booth! It as a done deal! I called Nicole – told her we had a photo booth for her wedding and she was SO excited!

The convention lasted a few more days, so at the end of the convention, Mark went back to pick up the photo booth we had bought. OMG – we didn’t even think…. How in the world are we going to get this thing out of here and back to…. OMG…. Wherever we were going to store in?! What did we do? It just so happened that a colleague and good friend of ours was buying stuff for his business at the same convention, so luckily he had a box truck and was able to load it up for us….. and store it in his warehouse until we figured out what we were going to do with it.

At that time, we were still living in our 2 bedroom apartment, so all of my DJ equipment (I’m so ashamed to say) was stored underneath the beds in our kids room and in the tiniest closet…. So where in the world was this 450 selfie machine going to be stored. LOL!

Nicole got married in October 2011 and that was actually one of the first weddings that Tina worked with us. I can’t believe how many years and the journey’s she’s seen us take and walked with us. I remember her first bridal show — she fell in love just like I did with weddings dresses and the love.

This journey we’ve been on has been quite a ride. But I can say that there’s no one else in the world I’d rather share it with the Mark. Most of the time he stayed behind the scenes, but he’s our Mountain Mover… we call him Mr Make iT Happen. Because sometimes we don’t know how we’re going to make it happen, but we always do.



#2 “Spending our Entire House Savings Account… Again!”

niagra falls

We got a random Facebook message back in October 2011 from a company in Buffalo, NY who said that they owned two of the same photo booths that we had and were moving in a different direction so he wanted to sell them. It was after the kids had gone to bed and Mark and I were sitting in our vintage dining room table (one passed down from family members because we couldn’t afford a table of our own just yet) thinking….. do we want to buy more photobooths? What in the world would we do with them? It’s not like we have a photo booth company, so would Our DJ Rocks just rent them out without DJ service. We don’t even have a website for a photo booth. How would we get the word out letting people know we had more than one? We looked in our house savings account and had just enough we could scrape up to buy the gas to Buffalo, buy the photo booths and get back. Mark, at the time, had a Ford Escape with 192K miles, so we thought, how in the world are we going to road trip through the mountains, pick up two photo booths that will weigh 1,000 pounds and haul that back to Florida. No one had a truck or trailer we could borrow. We couldn’t afford to rent one either. Mark said, let’s just take the Ford, we’ll rent a uhaul when we get up there and we’ll make it happen.


Within less than and hour and 22 minutes, we made the decision to move forward. We messages him back on Facebook and said we’ll be up there next week to pick them up. ROOOOOOOOOOOOOADDDDDDDDDDDDDD TRIP! Within 14 day of that facebook message, we journeyed 2,401.50 miles round trip all the way from Apopka, Florida up to Buffalo, NY. We booked a hotel on the edge of Niagra Falls and spend a few hours and the night there. The next morning we met up, picked up the photo booths and hauled them back to Orlando. There were many times through the mountains that Mark thought we might not have made it.

niagra rainbow

I can’t believe we did it again…. We spend our house savings account on more photo booths! We now have the honor at celebrating those fun, silly, amazing moments that happen in a photo booth with so many more couples. I love their excitement. I love with parents and grandparents get in the photo booth. And I just love those silly mustaches. I won’t ever get tired of them.

With as many adventures as the photo booths have created for us, it’s now a staple in our home on Thanksgivings. There hasn’t been a Thanksgiving that has gone by for the past 3 years that we don’t have a photo booth.

Thankfully…. 9 photo booths later, we aren’t living in the apartment (or his parents house) anymore and we’ve renovated a beautiful 1970s home. We have a place to rest our heads in the evening, our girls have an amazing community of besties to play with outside, photo booths are a staple at Thanksgiving and a mustache has become an icon for us.



#1 “The Moment I Knew I Could Make a Difference”

Sivan Photography

Colleen’s dad had just undergone heart surgery and was on medication. It took every inch of his being to attend the wedding, let alone stand up. He had forgotten his heart medication and didn’t know how much longer he could stay at the wedding.

Colleen was so disappointed that she had to leave the reception.

As the groom and his mother danced their song, I approached Colleen’s father.  I offered to play a very short clip of the song if he would just stand with his daughter on the dance floor.  He took a breath and said, “I will do that for my daughter, Thank You.”

This is what weddings are about.  This is what happens when love and music meet in perfect harmony.   At that moment, I knew that a wedding dj is much more than the person who plays the music.  This is the moment I knew I could make a difference.


“My dad had been sick on and off for a long time. When I would go to weddings and watch the father daughter dance I would always be brought to tears wondering if I would ever have that moment myself. Thanks to [Our DJ Rocks], I did. There are no words to describe how special that whole event was and how truly appreciative I am for that dance. It means everything to me & now I’m tearing up too. The pictures that I have to look back on my wedding and see myself my dad and my sister all together are priceless. “ – Colleen and Geoff, Leu Gardens Orlando, FL






Client Testimonials



Alyssa + Matt


We are so grateful we found Our DJ Rocks and can’t imagine our wedding without them! In the early planning stages, hiring a “great DJ” was one of our priorities. We are fun people who enjoy life and wanted our reception to be a party for our friends and family. After tedious and obsessive research, we met with a few DJs and were left unimpressed… and then we found Our DJ Rocks. Their website and reviews had us sold. Everything was fun, upbeat, and sparkly! It was a completely different energy than what we had seen in their competitors. I don’t know how to describe it, but even without meeting the team in person yet, we knew we wanted them there on our wedding day. Matt met Kristin and Tina – he was hesitant to book anything without meeting in person and making sure everything “clicked.” I was unable to go, but told him to give me a full recap when he got home. Later that evening, I received a fun text from him with a selfie of Kristin, Tina, and himself and he told me we HAD to book Our DJ Rocks. He loved that you were genuinely interested in learning more about us as a couple and were full of excitement and positivity… it was a completely different interaction than ones we had had before.

The months went on and we continued our wedding planning. We attended several bridal shows and anytime Our DJ Rocks was there, we were met with warm smiles from Kristin and Tina and that same upbeat energy! They were always fun and genuine when they would ask how our plans were going. Chatting with them at the shows and seeing them in their element got us even more excited about partying with them on our big day! We loved planning our songs in the Online Planner too. It really helped us think about the vibe we wanted on our wedding day and the songs we wanted to hear. We knew our First Dance song would be “Then” by Brad Paisley. About 2 months before we got engaged, we attended a Brad Paisley concert and when he sang that song, we both looked at each other with tears in our eyes because every word he sang was exactly how we felt about each other, but never knew how to explain. It quickly became “our song” and when we started planning our wedding, we knew that would be our First Dance. The father/daughter dance was “Cinderella” by Steven Curtis Chapman. I have always loved that song, but my dad wanted to choose the song that would be played. About a month before the wedding, he told me that was the song he picked and the night before the wedding, just as the lyrics state, we “practiced our dancing” in the living room while my mom and sister looked on with tears! It’s a beautiful song and I’m so glad I got to share that with my dad.

About a month before the wedding, we met at the Our DJ Rocks office with Tina. She was still her fun and upbeat self, but we were impressed with her level of professionalism too. Everything was so detailed and organized and we could really see our event coming together. We hadn’t seen that side of her yet and it reaffirmed our decision to have Our DJ Rocks as our DJ. It was so exciting going over our event summary and all of our songs, and she was so patient with us when we needed to make last minute changes!

The wedding day… Just WOW! It was full of laughter, tears, and fun! Tina was incredible. We knew you guys were good, but she far exceeded our expectations. Everything was flawless. The dance floor was packed. Our guests were having fun. The reality of our “perfect day” was coming true! I’ll never forget a series of songs on the dance floor… I had been dancing with my friends and family and was starting to get tired and thought, “Okay I’ll walk around the room after this song.” And then Tina would play another amazing song and I couldn’t stop! So I’d say, “Okay, this is the last song. Then I’m done for a little bit.” And then she’d play ANOTHER one of my favorite songs! It was the best party I’ve ever been to. The mix of music was perfect. She kept the energy high and mixed in the slow songs at just the right moment. We are so glad we trusted her with the music. And it looked like SHE was having fun too! She got on the dance floor on several occasions and even taught some of us how to do the Wobble. I’ll never forget all the fun memories she helped create that day.

And the photobooth… Best. Money. Spent!!! It was a surprise that Matt bought for me for my birthday earlier in the year. I knew about it but didn’t even tell my family until the week of the wedding. They helped pick out some fun Disney hats and props to add to the ones you bring. I cannot imagine NOT having that photobooth at our wedding. It was always full and there always seemed to be a line every time I looked over there. The photos and videos we received on the USB are priceless. Especially the ones of my grandma and grandpa. My brother and sister helped them over there and I’m so glad they did! They are fun and sweet and I love that they were able to hop in a photobooth on my wedding day! We got in the photobooth with Tina and those are some of my favorite photos too. We are so glad we were able to capture all those memories throughout the night. The videos are hilarious too! I laugh every time I watch them!



The lighting was perfect. The uplighting and gobo at our venue, the Winter Park Civic Center, are much needed and completely transformed the whole room. It really set the mood. The gobo on the wall that matched our photobooth strips was perfect and exactly what I wanted. I also loved having the amber color at dinner and then blue for the party/dancing later in the evening. Our pictures looks amazing!

Tina also helped with our unique Grand Exit. We are both runners and had a “Runners Start Line” for the beginning of our new lives together. We laced up our runDisney running shoes and went outside to where all of our family and friends had noise makers as we “ran” to the Maserati waiting for us. We made sure we got a photo of Tina’s TOMS and our shoes too! Tina announced us and we were off! I wish I could’ve given her one last hug before we left! She really felt like a friend by the end of the night and we are sad we don’t get to work with her anymore.  We talked about her on several occasions during the honeymoon and our guests mentioned her too. They all said how we had such a fun DJ. Several people, including my brother, said it was the best wedding they’ve been to. They were all impressed with how full the dance floor was. After our wedding, my dad said Our DJ Rocks was some of the best money he spent for the wedding. My family said Tina was far better than any other DJ they had seen. Several of our friends commented on the DJ too which meant a lot to us. We are so happy that everyone had a great time!

lighting and monogram by Our dj rocks

You guys have the best job and we are so thankful Tina was a part of our amazing day. We will always cherish our wedding day, and are thrilled that we were able to share it with THE BEST DJs in Orlando! Wishing you lots of happiness and success (full of music that ROCKS!) over many more years to come! Congratulations on 5 years of celebrating not only couples who are in love, but couples who love you too!



Lindsay + Megan

 CupidShuffle - Copy

We saw Our DJ Rocks at a bridal show and something intrigued us about their company.  Once we met Kristin in person for our first consultation, we were immediately at ease.  Megan recalls that she immediately was joking around with Kristin about what our DJ rules were, like no playing back to back group dances or cheesy stuff.  We had Kristin laughing and she had us hooked with her humor, honesty, and incredible attention to detail.  We left that first day with the contract for DJ and Photobooth signed…quickly followed by adding lighting.  We knew nobody would be better.

One of the funniest things at the wedding was the impromptu dance off between Megan and I.  We had no idea it was coming, but it was so fun.  Normally, I’m not one to show off my mad dance skills, rocking the Lawnmower and Shopping Cart, but I had to pull out all the stops to keep up with Megan.  The other funny moment that we still laugh about today is our cake cutting.  Kristin stopped by our table to make sure we were ready for the cake cutting and we were both like “Yeah, perfect!”  She walked away, we looked at each other and were like “Oh man, we have no idea how to do this!”  We called Kristin back over and she gave us a quick demo with some dinner plates, then announced the cake cutting.  We looked like pros…thanks completely to Kristin!


If we had to do it all over again, I don’t think we would change anything.  We were really careful in picking our vendors and making sure everybody had the same vision that we did.  One surprise to me was how much the lighting completely changed the feel of the reception.  The Our DJ Rocks team is ridiculously amazing and detailed with everything they do.  They really treat your wedding like it’s their own and it shows.  They left us with so many incredible memories from our wedding and reception.  It’s been over a year and our friends and family still talk about it.  I’d say the three things that people still mention about our wedding are

1) How loving and real our wedding was

2) How much fun they had

3) How amazing our DJ was

We’re the go-to people in our group for wedding ideas and recommendations, and hands downs, I will always recommend Our DJ Rocks if they are looking to have a great time with all their guests.


Our Employees



Photobooth Team Member: Ryan


Ryan Fontaine - on my wedding day (1)


1. Why do you choose to be a team member of Our DJ Rocks and Photobooth Rocks?

I had worked in the event industry as a coordinator for a number of years but needed to focus on my full-time job. I knew I wanted to remain connected to events but I wasn’t sure how to do this on a part-time basis. I reached out to Kristen because I had known her while she was building her company and asked if she had any opportunities available. When she offered part-time work as a photobooth attendant, I jumped at the chance….it helped me stay active in events and in touch with the events industry in Orlando somewhat and I also got to work for one of the inspirational females I had gotten to know through work. I knew Kristen was still in the beginning of building her company but her passion for what she does had been apparent to me for years. I continue to work for the company because it fits my needs for a part-time job and also allows me to keep working for one of the quickest growing companies in the events industry of Central Florida. Plus, I really like Kristen and Mark.

2. What do you love most about your job?

I like being a part of events but not in charge of them. I love being in the room when couples walk in and see their space for the first time. I love sneaking out to ceremonies and seeing the face of the groom when his bride walks down the aisle. I love that I get to meet so many different types of people and that I am able to record memories for them that will last for years. Even if you keep some of your décor, or your dress- it’s really the pictures that you keep looking at for years and years.

3. What are you most passionate about when it comes to weddings or events?

Making sure that everything is done the way it needs to be even if that means going outside of my photobooth space and helping in another area. No guest should know that anything isn’t going well and the memories of the bride and groom should be ones of only happiness and perfection. If I can add to that, even just by running a photobooth smoothly, then I’ve done my job.

4. Describe how we met

Well, you were a newbie DJ working for another company and I was a newbie coordinator working for a venue. We bonded a bit because we were both females doing high pressure work. I thought your job looked super fun so I used to try to hang out by the DJ booth as much as possible because that’s where all the positive energy was.

5. Do you remember our first event together? Describe that?

No, I don’t think I remember out first event together, but I remember many events together, when you were frustrated or I was frustrated and we used to complain to each other about things because, again, it has to be a perfect event for the guests but that doesn’t mean it is always going perfectly!

6. What made you interested in working for this company?


7. Describe your journey or the journey you’ve seen us go through.

Awwww, this is a fun question. So as a baby DJ working for someone else, you were trying to figure out what to with your life and if becoming a full-time DJ was a good career move. We talked about it sometimes and I believe I encouraged you because I could tell you loved it. I was still trying to figure my own life ‘stuff’ out and had many, many, many moments of weakness during the time I was coordinating and you were growing up too. But, you took a chance to start your own company and I wasn’t surprised that it took off so quickly! There aren’t many fun, female DJs in town and you came into the industry at a really great time. Since then, you’ve gotten married and I got to coordinate that ceremony (and kick you out the door to walk down the aisle, you were taking SO LONG to get ready) and I’ve been able to move forward in my career and become more comfortable with myself. Even though working events is not my full-time gig any more, I love seeing all the new developments you come up with and also the finesse with which you handle life.

8. What milestones do you remember going through that made us who we are today?nbsp;

See above – those got meshed together for me!

9. What is the craziest memory you have of us or the company?

Well, with the company, my craziest memory was working Gay Days. I don’t think I really need to talk about it because what happens at Gay Days should stay at Gay Days. Interestingly, the craziest memory I have of us is also going out to Revolution (a gay bar) and singing and dancing all crazy.

10. If you could describe Kristin as a boss in three words or less, what would they be?

Energetic and enthusiastic

11. What are you most looking forward to over the next 5-10 years?

With the company or in my life? I’m hoping to travel and have a baby (sorry Erick). I hope I can keep working for the company part-time because it really breaks the monotony of daily life and gives me something fun to do!


DJ Tabitha



  1. Why do you choose to be a team member of Our DJ Rocks?Photobooth-team-photo-Tabitha

I chose to become a team member with Our DJ Rocks because I wanted to work for a company that is passionate and determined to succeed. I believe when your company is passionate that their is never a dull moment full- it is full of twist and turns, sweat , tears, and of course the ending feeling of fulfillment.

When you loose passion -it become routine…I never wanted my career to fill like that.

  1. What do you love most about your job?

I love that I can actually create nuances and spark energy into a room full of people. I get to learn about my couples and share moments with them. I love working with a team of women who inspire me to be a better person and I love that I get to listen music and create feelings.

  1. You are so much of an entertainer, what is it about Our DJ Rocks that fires you up and makes you want to spend your days here?

I always knew I was put on this world to entertain people. There is no better feeling entertaining a crowd but also weddings is the most important event in their life….and these CHOSE me to be apart of that.-((a rush of emotions)) fill me up and fire me up to be the best damn mc/dj I can be. Also to be a friend that they can share important things with me. I get the opportunity to connect music with people and take them on a journey.

  1. What are you most passionate about when it comes to wedding or event?

I’m most passionate to celebrate love. There is no other greater feeling in the world. I get to party and dance……Why would I be mad?!!!

  1. Describe how we met and how you got started. 

 I met Kristin at the Nick Suites resort at a girl scout weekend. Kristin was the DJ and I was helping out with the event. We instantly connected when we were out on the dance floor with the kids and we shared our entertainment background with eachother. Shortly after that Kristin reached out to me about coming on her team as an assistant to MC. We could never sync up our schedules …until 5 years later….craziest little media brought us together again with facebook and instragram…we secretly stocked eachother and a few messages sent back in forth lead up us to meeting at a starbucks and starting this exciting adventure.

  1. What made you interested in working for this company?

 The fact that I can wear sparkly shoes…hahaha jk -but I love that we empower women and that we are out of the ordinary. WE get to create, learn, and inspire people. – Who doesn’t want to do that. We get to actually be personal with our couples. I mean what company is like that? We create meaningful relationships with them. On their wedding day it is bittersweet. I get so excited to be there but I also get a little sad because its over.:)

  1. Describe your journey or the journey you’ve seen us go through.

We started off not knowing what my “role” was. First it was to assist and possibly MC. Who knew I would be a DJ. Who knew I would be full time in the office. I’m so glad that Kristin saw a spark in me to pursue my future with Our DJ Rocks. I’m glad I made a decision to go with my gut instinct and jump on the wagon…or caddy- and come along for the ride!!!:)

  1. What milestones do you remember going through that made us who we are today?

Of course our first class together with Paul. That is where we were able to let loose fully and be ourselves. I felt like that class brought all three of us together and got rid of a bad apple………we were able to clear our mind and focus on the purpose. That day I made a decision- ….I can remember calling my mom and getting so excited about the “potential” of being an Our DJ Rocks employee and what my future with them would look like. I figured out that day that I could very well have a full time entertainment job and to focus and put my energy on just ONE thing and pour my heart and soul into it:)

  1. What is the a fun memory you have of us or the company? 

The fun memory I remember is when Tina, Kristin, and I were at Lindsay + Megan’s wedding. We got to spend all day together and it was so much fun!!! We all had our TOMS and we took funny videos about how to be a DJ. Plus we have our quote…we are the best DJssss in the WHOOOLE entire world!

  1. If you could describe Kristin as a boss in three words or less, what would they be?

BOSS ASS BITCH- hahaha but really Inspiring, Innovated, Compelling, opportunist- I know thats 4…

  1. What are you most looking forward to over the next 5-10 years?

I looking forward to growing with the company and new opportunities to present themselves. I want to stay open to new ideas. A quote that I think would be good here would be “life begins when you leave your comfort zone”. I don’t always need a plan. Sometimes I need to breathe, trust, let go and see what happens:) 🙂 🙂 🙂

  1. The one thing I will say is my fondest moment is when we were sitting in our show room and Kristin had just come back from a conference full of ideas and I had JUST started with the company and trying to find my groove. That day was an emotional day for all of us….we were asked to let go and fill our papers with emotions on our “purpose”. That is something very scary to do. When you ask people to open up. Their were tears and “real” emotions that day. That day I knew I was doing something right. I knew that moment- I was in the right time and the right place. I got to be apart of creating our companies manifesto, vision, and mission. – Those are the key elements of why we do what we do. I knew being able to be able to put my believes and ideas into this- that I was apart of something big and I can’t wait to see where we gooO!

Tabitha photos (2) Tabitha photos (4)


DJ Tina


  1. Why do you choose to be a team member of Our DJ Rocks?Photobooth-team-photo-Tina

Why did I choose to continue to be part of Our DJ Rocks? I love how close we all are. You all are my family and I know I can come to any one for anything. Not only does this company value love but it values family and memories. I’m big on being stabled in one job and growing with it. You have definitely given me that and taught me SO much that has helped me grow as a person.

  1. What do you love most about your job?

What I love most about my job? Working for Our DJ Rocks, honestly doesn’t feel like a job. I get to go out every weekend and throw a party. I get to go to a wedding every weekend. How can that be a job? Honestly, I just love being able to have both families come together, watching them all laugh together, and be silly with using just music. I love being able to take a step back and realize that these smiles, these laughs, I help create that on the dance floor. I help create that during the ceremony or first dance. I helped with making memories that will stick. 

  1. What are you most passionate about when it comes to wedding or event?

Ooo good question but it would have to be creating the dance floor. Being everyone together just using music and watching everyone dance with each. Having my couples come to me at the end of the night with the biggest, sweatiest hug, just saying thank you. Having guests pass by me thanking me for a great party. Having my brides/grooms yell out “My DJ Rocks”. Its such a huge feeling of accomplishment. 

  1. Describe how we met and how you got started.

How did we meet?? Ha. We can thank Mark for that one. Met Mark working at Arby’s – I must of been like 18 MAYBE 19, I remember him asking me and one other past working, if we wanted to make an extra $50 in our lives helping out at a bridal show working a photo booth. I had no idea what I would be doing but $50? Heck yeah sign me up! LOL Remember showing up at the Peabody Hotel and realizing that these shows are no joke. All I really remember was talking to SO many people! 

But honestly, I think me and you really met for the first time was when I worked a wedding with you at Dubsdread. It was my first wedding by myself and you were the DJ. I remember waiting for Mark to come and get the photo booth – We helped the catering staff wipe dishes dry for their Mother’s Day brunch setup. From there we moved the booth into the front hallway, where we decided it was a good idea to put music on and dance. LMAO ooh man, “POP LOCK and DROP” came on and of course, we had to dance to it, BOOM! There goes your pants LMAO! Huge ripe in the back. We had to ask catering if there was a little hand towel you can borrow so you didn’t have to walk around with this huge hole in your pants showing. LOL that had to be the best moment we had. LOL

  1. What made you interested in working for this company?

I don’t think I was truly interested until a year after I started. I can remember the wedding that really caught my eye. It was at the Leesburg Opera House. (shout out to Nikki + Brandon!!! WOO) It had the smallest elevator in the entire world! I was definitely working the Printz style photo booth and you were on the stage. I remember the booth being slow for a few moments and I would sneak on the stage with you and just watch everyone party it up on the dance floor. It was so much fun! Everyone was dancing and acting silly and you were behind your table dancing too! Of course I couldn’t help myself so I started. OMG so much fun! HAHA Remember we thought we would be Boss Ladies back then and break down the booth and try to get it in the truck, that way Mark didn’t have to worry about picking us up? LOL we had guys from the wedding help us lift it back down onto our cart and help get it in the truck. We thought we were doing so well, until we realized, we definitely ripped the printer cord and Mark was SO MAD!!!!! LMAO 

  1. Describe your journey or the journey you’ve seen us go through.

Describe this journey for the last 4-5 years that I’ve been part of it? Man do we have time for everything??? This Journey definitely has been a HUGE learning experience and it continues to be. I’ve grew from working at Arby’s to a wedding DJ that goes out every weekend and love what she does and coordinate about 5-10 photo booth events a weekend AND still growing. I’ve learned how to become more and more independent working underneath you and Marks wings. I’ve learned computer skills, people skills, still learning on how to a stronger person and of course what really friendship and family is about. This has definitely been a tough journey and not going to lie, I have thought about quitting and finding something that would be easier or less frustrating, but then I take a step back and realize I could never truly leave. I’m not a quitter. I watch you and you have never quit, even when it got hard. We are a team and you can’t leave the team hanging. I feel like we are all here to help each other, lift each other up, and continue to grow as a company together but also personally. 

  1. What milestones do you remember going through that made us who we are today?

OH plenty of them! I think my 2 biggest milestones I had was getting over the fear of being on a microphone and getting lost in a personal relationship and losing sight of my real friends/family. 

Mic Problems – Being in front of tons of strangers, being a voice leader, having everyone listen to me and to be confident about it was something that definitely took a while to get used to. I remember my first time on a microphone – It was a disaster! Completely froze and lost all train of thought. I had struggles getting comfortable on it for about 6 months but after taking the class with Paul at Sandler and he helped me build confidence. After that class, I saw things and did things differently.

  1. If you could describe Kristin as a boss in three words or less, what would they be?

Describe you in three words?

Inspirational. Definitely inspirational. Ever since the beginning you always talked about growing as a company but also as a person. You told me your back story of how you went to college full time and had to pay every dime yourself by working as a waitress and DJing. You decided one day to start your own business and became SO successful and the most likable in the industry. You have all these dreams of creating a program to inspire other females to become empower and successful. You brought on two DJs at one time and try your best at training both of us to be kick-ass just like you. You have two business at the age of 30 and own two houses. You had a dream and a chance, took both and ran with them! 

Passionate – Oh man do you have passion like no other. EVERYTHING your company is today, started off with the passion of love and moments. Every moral and value that Our DJ Rocks has is because they were everything you believed in and brought it out in your company. Our DJ Rocks is Kristin as a company and I think everyone in the industry or that knows you, respects you and the company. Our DJ Rocks is a passion that became a reality.

Boss Lady – HAHA I really wanted to put “Boss Bitch” but I thought it would be a little more appropriate this way LOL You are definitely a boss, even if you have never been before. You definitely have a way everything has to go but also open for change and suggestions. You run to companies and more than 2 employees. You try everything to keep us as a team, happy and wanting to continue working for your company. It’s not you and Mark anymore. You have build something most people either fail at or give up on. You let your passion build a vision and we all run with it and I’m so grateful to have such a wonderful boss. 

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