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Orlando Wedding DJ Tips | 3 Things to Ask Your DJ | Captured By Elle

Orlando Wedding DJ Tips| 3 Things to Ask Your DJ | Captured By Elle

Having attended close over 100 weddings over the past three years as a photographer, I’ve worked with a ton of different DJ’s in and around Orlando. Fact is, your DJ is one of the most important parts of your wedding day! They control the entire flow of the reception and they can really make or break a huge chunk of your day so hiring an experienced and professional wedding DJ is definitely a worthwhile investment! These are a few tips to go over with your DJ that couples don’t tend to think about, but can make a big difference from a photography standpoint. Below are three things to discuss
with your DJ prior to your wedding day to ensure your reception photos reflect nothing but pure awesomeness! 
#1: Make sure your DJ has a good looking setup
This seems obvious, but you’d be surprised at some of the setups I’ve seen! It’s definitely worth confirming with your DJ that they have a professional looking setup where cables are out of sight, speakers are unobtrusive and the overall look fits in with your wedding. Many DJ’s have facades which are basically white panels that cover their table & equipment and can be lit from behind which really take it up a notch and make them a feature instead of an eye sore at your reception.
#2: Place the DJ strategically
When deciding where the DJ setup will go, it’s important to place them strategically so they don’t end up in the background of all your reception photos. I typically shoot first dances and parent dances either toward a blank wall or toward the guest
tables. If you place the DJ in a corner or to the far side of a wall instead of in the center of wall it makes it easier for me to ensure they’re not accidentally photo bombing those important shots! This is especially crucial at smaller venues where space is limited.
#3: Lighting is key
Professional lighting can really help create a party atmosphere and take your reception up a notch! Talk to your DJ about what kind of dance floor lights they offer specifically as well as when you want them turned on. It’s always a good idea to avoid dance floor lights during the first dance and parent dances as they can cast funky colors and weird laser dots in your photos. With that said, once the party is in full swing LED style lights and up lights tend to photograph better in general giving off a cool looking wash of color in photos compared to lasers that create tiny dots all over and can look a little more like sniper rifles in photos! Other fun lighting options like pin-spotting is also an amazing way to show off things like your wedding cake and stringed market lights can also add a really unique touch!
Advice by Captured by Elle –
Photos by Elle Baez, Sona Photography 
orlando wedding dj adviceorlando wedding dj advice
You can see our dj set up in the above photo on the far left.
orlando wedding dj advice

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