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Road Trip Playlist – Wilson Family National Parks Tour 2018

My Road Trip Playlist

Life is about music right? That’s what we do. Most of the times it’s for wedding and events, but this time I created a playlist with over 17+ hours of music for our Family Road Trip! Last month my fam jam and I went on what we call the Wilson Family National Parks Tour 2018!  Check out our adventures and the 17+ hour playlist I made for the drive.  


Wilson Family National Parks Tour

The Wilson Family started off as a road trip dream about 2-3 years ago. Every year I create a vision board and in 2016 Mark said, put an RV on there. His dream was to travel the US and see the National Parks. So, I said sure. I’m not really a roughin’ it kind of girl (unless you take me muddin), but his dreams are my dreams. We purchased our RV in Fall 2017. When we started planning this National Parks trip, I was thinking, oh it’s just 80+ something hours of driving. And now… my perspective has changed, not to mention I have a 17+ hour long road trip playlist to refer back to at any given time. 

I have to admit something: I am that lady that holds a iPhone camera, selfie stick, regular camera and lenses so I can capture these moments. I need a camera accessory bag! But Mark and the girls have so much patience with me and even pulled over on the side so I can get the shot. Even if they think I’m crazy, they look through my phone later and beg for me to send them copies of the photos. For example, if you head over to my Instagram @meetkristin, you’ll see.

The Badlands were nothing short of mesmerizing! It’s be only word I know to describe it. ???? From the mountain goats, to the drastic lands. These photos do it no justice at all. It literally feels like you are on a completely other planet… like it’s not suppose to be here. I was ECSTATIC to see the goats. Mark got to see a small sneak peak of buffalo on a far away hill. The girls got so excited to see prairie dogs and the big horn sheep! 

Yellowstone itself … powerful! It INSANE how the environment can go from blue skies, green trees and running lakes, to hot springs and hot spots to SNOW! ❄️ One of my FAVVVVVV views is of the Mountains topped with snow. Maybe it’s because I’m from Florida and I’m not used to seeing anything other than flat land, palm trees and beaches, but it’s captivating! ???? 

My favorite part of my days so far is waking up early with Mark, enjoying a cup of coffee and chit chat in between my posts on social media and him playing Clash of Clans. Usually the girls stay asleep for as least an hour or so.


So here’s some thoughts:

First if all, this trip has been insane! I had NO idea that our country was THIS beautiful! I’ve seen wind turbines, teepees, cow farms, corn farms, wheat farms galore. We’ve watched buffalo graze, coyote’s run, antelope play, black bears eat berries and rabbits frolic. It puts it into perspective WHERE and HOW we get the things we do. It’s humbling to say the least and I am leaving with more appreciation and gratitude than I came with. .

Personally, It has also made me SLOWWWWW down. So I’m not even sure I wanna speed back up when I get home. Or maybe just find a better way to be in the moment when I am going full speed ahead. So I gotta figure that out. Maybe my work outs and yoga can help me slow down. .

The world is bigger than we perceive, more magical and opportunistic than we already know. And we’re still so young. There’s so much more to achieve. Let’s keep dreaming! ????????????

Here is ???? Our Trip by the numbers ????

– 4 National Parks: Badlands, Yellowstone, Grand Teton and Hot Springs
– 17 days and 1 hour – 5883.5 miles round trip – 99.5 hours of driving
– Gas mileage = 11.8 mpg
– 45 pounds of propane – 7 KOAs visited – $1442.40
– 15 States (although we could have done without a few) ????
– 49 License plates identified – 726 pphotos – $600 in groceries and $400 in eating out. – $1827.31 in gas ????????????


As soon as I got back, I hopped on a plan to Chicago for a DJ and Photobooth Convention. I got back last night! So I am just now able to reflect on our trip and I’m already feeling gratitude for the time I’ve had! 

Check out more photos on my Instagram @meetkristin


xo —Kristin

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